10 scenes showing Ely and Tisay’s journey from enemies to lovers

There are a lot of reasons to love Ely (Tony Labrusca) and Tisay (Heaven Peralejo)’s adorable story in Bagong Umaga. In this Toplist, we rounded up the scenes showing what makes this love team the newest pair to ‘stan’ as they transition from enemies to friends to lovers in the afternoon soap Bagong Umaga.


Ely and Tisay used to be the quintessential ‘bickering’ tandem that brought us youthful vibes and subtle ‘kilig’ in their early scenes. They used to fight a lot about Cai (Barbie Imperial), Ely’s best friend whom Tisay had a rough start with. But it turned out the arguments are sparked by jealousy, and he would have hints about that despite her denial.


The denial phase was just as exciting. He would tease her about her feelings but she would show resistance. And trying to conceal the obvious butterflies only made Tisay blush. These two got us squealing in ‘kilig’ when they almost kissed while washing clothes with eyes locked on each other.


From enemies, they bit by bit journeyed to becoming friends until Ely got tired of the label because Tisay was obviously trying to run away from her feelings. And the more she hid the truth, the more it swam to the surface. One night, Ely asked Tisay to keep it real. She grabbed her by the waist, cupped her face, and they both got carried away by the kiss of a new love.


Everything felt new to Tisay. Overwhelmed by the bliss and the butterflies, she asked for a break to think things through. A true gentleman, Ely was not in a rush to demand an answer from Tisay, knowing she kissed him back was more than enough to keep his hopes up.


The sweetest golden moment finally happened. At a time of trouble and when things are just too much to bear, Tisay realized Ely is her safe place, the ‘home’ she would always run to for comfort. We’ll give you a moment to relive Tisay’s meaningful and super kilig dialogue about what makes Ely a cut above the rest.


“’Yung tao na araw-araw pinipili akong mahalin, alagaan, intindihin. ‘Yung tao na kahit ang dami na niyang dala-dala, na kahit minsan nahihirapan siya sa sarili niyang problema, may lugar pa rin ako para making siya sa akin. Hindi ko alam kung bakit siya ‘yung pinupuntahan ko ngayon. Ikaw lang ang nakikita ko sa harapan ko ngayon. Lahat ng ginagawa mo galing sa pagmamahal kaya kita mahal,” Tisay told Ely.


Then, they melted in a gentle, loving kiss. Follow Ely and Tisay’s journey to love and a new dawn in Bagong Umaga, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11.