8 horrifying, heartbreaking deaths in Bagani

Throughout Bagani’s five-month run, we were not only able to follow the five mighty heroes of Sansinukob in their adventures and battles, but also met a lot of characters that made a great impact on its continuously unfolding narrative. As the emergence of new characters thrill us, their deaths also shattered our hearts and left us shocked.

Dilag (Precious Lara Quigaman)

Her compassion towards the people of the Farming Region was exceptional, as she was able to lead them in the best way she could. At the same time, she also had to look over her younger sister Ganda (Liza Soberano), the duty their parents left to her when they died. Until Dilag’s very last breath, the heart of a loving sister in her still prevailed as she sacrificed her own life trying to protect Ganda from the evil Malaya (Kristine Hermosa).

Gaki (Justin Cuyugan)

He used to be the fearsome and powerful King of Dako Paroon who the Baganis found difficult to defeat. However, Malaya’s existence got him demoted into one of her trusted minions and helped her carry out her deadly, wicked schemes. As he was fulfilling his task of preventing Lakas (Enrique Gil) and Ganda in their goal to reach Bulkang Sinukuan and kill them as well, Gaki didn’t foresee that he was actually about to face his own death.

Mayari (Sofia Andres)

Her untimely death in the early episode of the series created an uproar on social media and left the audiences perplexed on the real reason behind it. With just a struck of lighting that came from Sarimaw (Ryan Eigenmann), Sansinukob lost a great heroine. Finally, all our questions were answered after she suddenly reappeared on the wedding of Lakas and Ganda, not as the comrade they used to have, but a body possessed by Malaya.

Agos (Albert Martinez)

He could have been the greatest leader the Desert region could ever have, if only the treacherous Dakim did not assassinate him just to keep him from revealing his evil secret. Before his death, the most valiant warrior of the tribe fought for his life, but failed.

Alab (Lito Pimentel)

For sure, many got furious when Dakim killed the Desert Region’s chieftain, who’s also his father, due to his personal interests. As Alab’s loyalty was torn among his son, his people, and his good friend Agos, the greedy young man had no choice but to strangle him to death just to keep him from revealing his involvement in instigation of war between their tribe and the Trade Region.

Apo (Diether Ocampo)

In his pursuit of protecting Sansinukob from his brother’s cruelty, Apo had to sacrifice his own life and bestow his supernatural powers to the five brave young warriors he handpicked to guard and defend the people in the imminent danger Sarimaw would cause.

Datu (Enzo Pineda)

He was surely elated to see again the woman he loved wholeheartedly. However, she was not the same Mayari he used to know for it was actually Malaya who’s living inside her body. In the end, he also became one of the fallen victims of the deity’s vengeful and vicious endeavors.

Marikit (Charlie Dizon)

Little did Marikit knew that her involvement with the Baganis and being their loyal ally would lead to her sudden demise. Malaya abducted and took her to a dark place where she killed her by breaking her neck.

Malaya (Kristine Hermosa)

She was despised because of her viciousness against the people of Sansinukob, especially to the Baganis. However, our heartstrings were probably tugged when she came face to face with her son Sarimaw, who turned out to be the new host of the dark force. She tried to save her beloved son by telling the monster to leave his body, but it refused and gored her with his arm. Just when Sarimaw came back to his senses, Sarimaw found her dying in front of him, uttering her apologies and persuading him to fight before crumbling into gold dust.

Are we going to witness another death in the remaining episodes of Bagani? Find out by not missing its exciting conclusion this week.