Discover the hidden Talents of Matteo, Sofia and Makisig


The heroes of Bagani have slowly revealed their abilities after only its pilot week. We’ve all seen Lakas, Ganda, and Mayari in battle, Dumakulem faced a vampire, and Lakam confronted his cruel father. As the tension among the regions rises, it’s not long until their heroic powers will soon be unveiled. They have even shared their hidden talents.


Sofia Andres


She may be a lowly slave from the sea region, but she has shown her deadly fighting skills and proven her loyalty to their leader. If you try to harm their Datu, she might have to use this hidden talent to keep her eye on you.


Matteo Guidicelli


He comes from one of the most powerful families in Sansinukob. Some might even say he lives a perfect life because he also has a handsome face and toned physique, on top of his money. So, what’s the hidden talent of a man who has everything? He can clean a bathroom like no other!



Makisig Morales


He has lived in the forest his entire life. But he can’t deny his thirst for adventure. He is curious to see what lies beyond the trees, despite his own father’s warning. This comes at no surprise considering that he is a man of unique talents, like moving his ears.