7 important things you may have missed in Lakas and Ganda’s Unang Pagkikita


It may have had a rough start, but Bagani has been faring incredibly great since its premiere four months ago. 


Arguably, many of us are hooked on the action-packed adventures of the five chosen heroes of Sansinukob – Lakas (Enrique Gil), Ganda (Liza Soberano), Lakam (Matteo Guidicelli), Dumakulem (Makisig Morales), and Liksi (Zaijan Jaranilla), who replaced the demised Mayari (Sofia Andres).


Besides, their heart-stopping and riveting clashes against the monstrous beings and the heinous deity Sarimaw (Ryan Eigenmann) who try to conquer their beloved nation and slay them also make us glued on our televisions once the show begins every primetime.


But before we proceed on their next undertakings, you might wanted to take a little break and have a quick throwback to how this whole exciting yet bloody journey kicked off – on Lakas and Ganda’s first meeting.


1. It was not just another day


Just when the Taga-Patags thought that it was another day of doing business with the Taga-Kalakals, it
was actually not.


2. Lakas to the rescue


It was the same for Lakas, whose firm plan crumbled upon seeing the need for action. So without second
thinking, he pounced on the ruthless thieves and rescued the helpless folks singlehandedly.


3. A murder attempt


Since Lakas was alone, he almost got murdered by one of the attackers. But as if stroke of fate, someone
halted that man…


4. Ganda saves the day


…and it turned out to be a ravishing lady, looking divine in a blue dress while brandishing her killer
weapon, arrows and bow.


5. Jaw-dropping sight


Her angelic presence atop the carriage got Lakas astounded…


6. Graceful descent


…much more when she flew down gracefully, as if time stopped ticking…


7. And, they met!


…and approached him. Were you able to catch the sparks flying on that moment? Then the iconic “Ako si Lakas”, “Ako si Ganda” introduction ensued.


If you think this unforgettable scene was purely showing how the connection between the two protagonists started, then you certainly missed the message. Apart from the kilig it certainly brought us, the creators were also able to attest that there’s actually more to Ganda that meets the eye. She may be gentle and admirable outside, but she actually has unbelievable strength and courage inside.


Besides, they also successfully shattered the cliché fairytale-like concepts among various form of narratives that women are always the ones who are in distress and need a knight-in-shining-armor to save themselves from the predicament. Here in Bagani, women like Liza’s character could also rescue their heroes.


Watch the video below for the behind-the-scenes sneak peek of that momentous encounter dubbed as Bagani: Ang Unang Pagkikita:


You may not see epic fight scenes on teleseryes most of the time, but this particular battle depicting Lakas as a one-man army against a deluge of trader warriors surely is awe-inspiring. It was one defining moment for the character, as people behind this incredible “isa laban sa lahat” confrontation revealed, further disclosing in this behind-the-scenes video that it took them five days to prepare. Watch now to know more about how they pieced together this monumental scene.

Behind Bagani: Isa Laban Sa Lahat