REVIEW: Bagani ends with epic, breathtaking finale

An epic action fantasy series deserves an epic finale.

And this we saw on Bagani’s final episode wherein our brave and valiant Baganis faced and fought a possessed Sarimaw (Ryan Eigenmann), now all-powerful and with deity-like strength ready to annihilate Sansinukob’s mighty warriors.

Lakas (Enrique Gil), Ganda (Liza Soberano), Lakam (Matteo Guidicelli), Dumakulem (Makisig Morales), and Liksi (Zaijian Jaranilla) gave their all in their battle against the evil lord of darkness. But it seemed they were no match against Sarimaw, even with their collective powers.

And, as the skirmish went on, Sarimaw waylaid the Baganis one by one, fallen and bequeathed, except for Lakas, who continued to taunt Sarimaw and told him to never underestimate the strength of Sansinukob’s unity and love for one another.

Final blow

As Sarimaw dealt the final blow on Lakas—a brutal thrust of his bladed weapon to his bosom—and perished as well, the collective prayers of Sansinukob’s brethren from the Desert, Forest, Trade, Farm and Sea Regions emitted supernatural forces that reenergized and resurrected the fallen Baganis. Then their collective powers became even more formidable.

In unleashing their revitalized powers with their unified forces, the Baganis pulverized Sarimaw, who could no longer match their power and disintegrated to mere dust.

And the whole of Sansinukob was in jubilation, celebrating the immense victory of the Baganis, who overcome incredible odds to prevail in the end, thanks to the prayers, love and unity of their brethren. 

Ultimate intention

It was actually the ultimate intention of Bathala for Sansinukob to let them undergo such suffering and learn the hard way—the value of prayer, togetherness and love would overcome any difficulties, ordeals, and even the most evil forces.

And what’s quite interesting at the end of the story is Liksi finding himself in today’s mortal world and encounter two individuals closely resembling Lakas and Ganda. Indeed their love has carried over to the human realm.

It was really one enthralling and magnificent narrative we closely followed.  In the finale, we were given the biggest visual treat, as we witnessed impressive effects, breathtaking fight choreography, and awesome camera-work in executing the ambitious fantasy series. 

Acting prowess

Enrique Gil showed his acting prowess in this final episode, and gave out a heartfelt character in the midst of all the blinding action that transpired. 

But we are most impressed with Ryan Eigenmann’s portrayal as Sarimaw, as it solidifies the praises and recognition he gets left and right for his thespic greatness.

Kudos to those behind this rare production, led by director Richard Arellano, for making such a dream project of making such an epic story of Filipino mythical origins into a reality.

Netizens were likewise impressed.