WATCH: Liza & Enrique take on the 'Bboom Bboom' dance challenge

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Yes, dream do come true. Ganda and Lakas are together again in Bagani’s Dako Pa Roon. 

Hearts were broken when every Kapamilya thought that Ganda had fallen for good after taking on Sarimaw on her own. Breaths were held when Lakas found out that she was in fact only trapped in an otherworldly place and then journeyed to save the love of his life. Finally, cheers erupted as they held each other in a long and much-awaited embrace in this hidden realm that Galak described as a prison of nightmares, as well as a place of second chances.

The question now is how will the power couple return to the Sansinukob? Especially with Gaki standing between them and their freedom, because he has vowed with his life to Bathala that no one will ever leave Dako Pa Roon.

A seemingly insurmountable challenge is at the hands of our Baganis. Before that, however, they are taking on a different challenge to celebrate their reunion. Ganda and Lakas decided to take on the Bhoom Bhoom dance craze, which has apparently become so popular and trendy that it even reached the Dako Pa Roon.