BEHIND-THE-SCENES:   What really happened when Lakas and Ganda first met


The people from TagaPatag are peaceful and gentle folks. Unfortunately, these traits make them an easy target. Little did they know, armed with a bow and arrow, Ganda was no damsel in distress.


Liza Soberano, who plays Ganda, shared that shooting this scene was exciting because it was her first time to use a harness. While we all know Lakas’ ulterior motives to gaining the trust of these farmers, head writer Mark Angos explained that this was also Ganda’s moment to reveal her own hidden abilities- a hero emerging from the most unlikely of places.


“Pati babae, kayang iligtas ang mga lalaki” Liza said about the scene, and we couldn’t agree more. With strong female character like Ganda, there is no shortage of girl power in Bagani.