WATCH: The making of Enrique's fight scene on Bagani


After only its first week, fans of Bagani have already seen Lakas battle a humongous dragon using a sword that could turn into a bird. He saved a woman in the desert who was being taken advantage of by a group of men. And his biggest fight scene to date was when he became a one-man army to defend his camp from an attack by the trader warriors.

Enrique Gil, who plays Lakas, admitted that the huge fight scene made him feel excited and scared at the same time. Director Lester Pimentel shared that for this “Isa Laban sa Lahat” big scene, they trained, rehearsed and planned for five whole days. And because of how physically demanding it was, they had to shoot as early as possible in the morning. But more than just adrenaline pumping, headwriter Mark Angos explained how significant this moment was for Lakas. “There is always this instance when we find [the hero character] embracing his destiny, through fighting an insurmountable task.”

With this much preparation for every episode, fans can surely expect more action-packed scenes. The story has just begun, but every minute is already hotter than the summer wave coming in. So, don’t miss Bagani after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.