Gerald opens up on facing challenges

Gerald Anderson finally shares his take on the issues and judgments surrounding his personal life on StarStudio.ph’s “Just Like You.” 

Growing up in province, Gerald says he misses his life back then when everything was simple and quiet but fun-filled. He shares he misses his routine 10 years ago – going to school, having his basketball practice, then going home. He acknowledges life during that time was different because he was still young, unlike now when he has tons of responsibilities.

He also reveals becoming an actor was never a dream. The original plan was either to enter the world of sports or to join the military. However, when this Filipino-American probinsyano entered a new home, the Pinoy Big Brother house, it changed his life forever.

After his stint on PBB Teen Edition, there were many offers and projects. But since he was still a newbie in show business during that time, he felt like he needed to do everything. “Culture shock” is how he describes what showbiz was like for him when he was around 17 or 18.

There were huge adjustments for him. There came a time when he asked himself “Kaya ko ba ‘to?” and “Am I built for this kind of work?”

He gratefully says he’s been blessed with very good roles and projects that he describes are relevant to people. However, he feels frustrated at some things about industry like how people have so much to say about an artist’s life. If he only had the chance, he says, to make his life more private, he would. When it comes to his relationship issues, he says he’s proud that he kept quiet about it because the judgments had turned out to be really unfair.

And because of the issues about his personal life, his credibility as the Ambassador of Goodwill was even questioned. He admits It was unfair but what he instilled in his thinking was that he is doing it all for the people who really need help and not for the people who are just there to throw judgments at him. "Ginawa ko 'yung best ko para hindi i-consume or kainin ng negativity," he says. He just respects that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. He has learned to accept it and he thinks it actually made him even a better person. 

“If we can be positive about every negative situation and learn from the choices we make, then no mistake is a failure,” Gerald adds. 

He has learned to understand that those people who are quick to judge are the people who also need help regarding their personal lives. That is why he does not take it against them. He shares that he just tries his best to see the good in people so that at the end of the day, he’ll keep no grudges against them.

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