Sid Lucero on being part of A Soldier’s Heart: “I really like the story”

A Soldier’s Heart dissects the real plight of our modern-day heroes, from the physical exhaustion during the rigorous trainings, the emotional struggle of longing for home without the certainty of coming back, and the psychological impact of fighting in a war against people who are supposed to be their equals. 

Royce Cabrera, aka Private Andy Alfonso, picks the training scenes as his top favorite. For a few months, they weren’t just actors playing around with their assigned characters, rather, they were real soldiers. Royce and the gang went through exactly the same kind of hardcore military simulations experienced by cadets, elevating their sense of respect for soldiers to a broader level. Those who watched the show have seen the actors eat a handful of red chilli, dip in a filthy canal, and carry heavy sandbags on noonday runs.

Sid Lucero on being part of A Soldier s Heart I really like the story  1

A Soldier’s Heart is yet another venue to showcase Sid Lucero's outstanding acting prowess as a kontrabida. He is, after all, more engrossed in diving deeper into antagonist roles than playing good guys because of the freedom to explore his character’s flexibility. And he likes it best when the material is unconventional, real, and significant.

Sid Lucero on being part of A Soldier s Heart I really like the story  2

This is a good way to paint an antagonist because outside Saal’s world, outside the fighting, Saal is just like everybody else. He comes from a family that’s very loving. I think that’s something we should really look at. Just because we pray differently, doesn’t mean that we can’t share land. I really like the story. It’s such a great reminder that we are friends and we’re supposed to be brothers,” Sid emphasizes about his character as Saal and the series’ socially relevant narrative.  Sid plays as Saal Alhuraji, a leader of a terror group driven to avenge his rebel father’s death.