Kapamilya React: Viewers moved, gripped by trending scenes of A Soldier’s Heart

It has already been seven months since the primetime teleserye A Soldier’s Heart began to fill our evenings with action, drama, and suspense as we follow the journey of the soldiers of the 4th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army.

However, we’re not only able to join them in fulfilling their missions of serving and protecting their countrymen, but also in their respective personal lives as well, may it be their bond with their family and friends or their romantic affairs. And for this episode of Kapamilya React, we had some of our avid Kapamilya viewers react on the shows’ top trending scenes that involved one of its lead protagonists Private Alex Marasigan, impressively played by Gerald Anderson.

The first scene shown to them was that moment when Alex found out the truth about his identity as he came face-to-face with his biological family. Those who have been dutifully watching it ever since it started know that he’s the estranged son of the fallen rebel group leader Yosef Alhuraji (Lito Pimentel) and his wife Yasmin (Irma Adlawan) and the brother of current Moro separatist group leader Saal Alhuraji/Abdul Waajid (Sid Lucero).

Second was Alex’s scorching confrontation scene with his adoptive father Brigadier General Dante Marasigan (Rommel Padilla), wherein the latter expressed his anger to the latter upon discovering that they are not his real family and that Dante was actually the one who killed his father.

Then the Kapamilya reactors went on to react on that remarkable scene wherein Alex had to choose between saving his mom or obeying the order of his superior and adoptive dad, and lastly, on that heart-breaking scene wherein Alex had to bid farewell to Yasmin as he went back to his sworn duty, while Yasmin chose to be with Saal.

Apart from simply expressing how they feel towards every scene and airing their sentiments regarding his actions, the Kapamilya reactors also heaped praises to the compelling portrayal of the actors of their respective characters, as well as to their impeccable execution of each scene that made it possible for the audiences to connect with them.

Besides, they also uttered their unsolicited advices for Alex, imparting what they would do in certain situations if they’re in his shoes.

Click on the video to see their reactions and find out if you’re going to share the same reaction as theirs!

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