Kapamilya Chat Fast Talk: Gerald, Carlo, Jerome describe their A Soldier’s Heart co-stars in one word

The final mission begins in A Soldier’s Heart and as we anticipate the end of a war against own flesh and blood, and for justice and peace, three of the seven-man troop we admired on primetime will talk about the show’s gripping finale and what they’ve been up to since the taping came to a close.

Gerald Anderson, Carlo Aquino, and Jerome Ponce of A Soldier’s Heart focused on self-improvement since being stuck at home again after the lock-in tapings. The “new normal” setup at work helped them cope with the changes around them. They even appreciate the “positive” impact spawned from these changes such as limiting work schedules to a 12-hour period which means actors can also get enough rest.

To test how much the A Soldier’s Heart family knows each other, Gerald, Carlo, and Jerome took on a special edition of the Fast Talk Challenge. They were asked to think of one word apt to describe their co-actors.

Gerald kicked off the game, choosing the word ‘greatness’ for onscreen mother Irma Adlawan. He called Carlo as mysterious, someone who likes quiet time. Carlo’s personality is a refreshing contrast to most showbiz peeps’ loud energy.

Jerome reminded him of ‘Boracay,’ although he did not divulge the private joke. On a serious note, Gerald had nothing but praises for Jerome’s talent and humility. He said that Jerome often asks him for acting tips. Meanwhile, Nash Aguas is the ‘baby boy’ of the group, the one who provides comic relief.

Gerald sees his younger self in Yves Flores as they’re both PBB alumni. Yves’ eagerness to prove himself is reminiscent of his drive then. Elmo Magalona, according to Gerald, was the quiet type at first. Eventually, they all realized that Elmo is a cool guy and fun to talk with.

Gerald finds working with Sue Ramirez a refreshing experience. He would catch her perform for ASAP before yet they were never introduced to each other until doing the series. Gerald is impressed with the younger generation of talents, saying they’re incredibly professional for their age. The same praise was given to the ‘energetic’ Charlie Dizon who never complains and is easy to get along with.

He tagged Vin Abrenica as ‘Machete,’ adding that Vin also seeks his advice about life and career. Lastly, Gerald called Sid Lucero as the ‘cool guy.’ “Kapag kami ang magkaeksena, gusto namin may impact,” he said.

Jerome described Rommel Padilla as the ‘cool gentleman’ and ‘hawak ang banderang Padilla.’ Jerome revealed that Rommel loves to join his millennial co-stars for some ‘tambay at kwentuhan’ moments.

Jerome believes that Carlo Aquino is more of an ‘observant’ guy than an introvert. And he thinks this approach helps Carlo get along well with everyone. He mentioned ‘Hakeem,’ Gerald’s character, to describe Irma Adlawan. He added that Irma reminds him of the word ‘respect’ because of her humility and work ethics.

Nash Aguas, whom he also got to work with in The Good Son for almost another year, is a ‘brother’ to him. Jerome dubbed Yves Flores as ‘Mr. Congeniality’ while Sue Ramirez as ‘tropa’ and ‘one of the boys.’ He shared several projects with Sue prior to A Soldier’s Heart.

Jerome sees Elmo Magalona as a ‘genuine’ person. They worked together for “Walwal” in 2018 and he could say that Elmo has matured a lot since then.

The word ‘bato’ came to his mind upon the mention of Vin Abrenica’s name. They share the same interest in gaming and workout.

Carlo is the last to take on the challenge. He described Nikki Valdez as ‘forever young and forever sweet.’ Nikki was the early riser during the lock-in tapings and the one who likes to offer them coffee.

Nash Aguas, despite being the youngest, is a ‘wise’ guy for Carlo. “’Pag lumaki ka sa showbiz, parang mabilis ka tumanda,” observed Carlo, who also started in the industry as a child star. He added that Nash loves to advise on business and finances.

Just like Gerald, Carlo also lauded Jerome’s incredible talent and ‘persistence.’ He branded Sue Ramirez as the group’s ‘chameleon’ who can easily adapt and change persona from girly to boyish. He joked that Sue can even run the country if she wishes to.

The words ‘future’ and ‘upcoming’ popped up in his mind upon the mention of Charlie Dizon’s name. He could see the fire in her.

Vin Abrenica reminds him of ‘gaming’ and workout.’ He revealed that Vin brought his fitness equipment to the lock-in taping location.

As someone who likes quiet time, Carlo thinks that Yves Flores is his opposite. He shared that Elmo Magalona is the group’s ‘smiling face,’ the one who would laugh teases off. 

Carlo described Sid Lucero as ‘relaxed yet intense,’ then added, “hindi ka bibigyan nu’n ng hilaw.” On Gerald Anderson, Carlo opted for the word ‘committed’ as he knows how to focus on what he wants.

Gerald, Carlo, and Jerome invite viewers to watch the finale week of A Soldier’s Heart on Kapamilya Channel and Kapamilya Online Live.