Gerald Anderson shares the “new normal” life in taping scenes for A Soldier’s Heart

As few programs of ABS-CBN are back to regular programming months after the community quarantine was implemented in the whole country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the primetime series A Soldier’s Heart, avid viewers are probably wondering how each production team shoots and prepares their newest episodes.

And in the video blog he uploaded on his official YouTube channel last July 28, Gerald Anderson, who plays the lead role Alex Marasigan, gave us a sneak peek on his everyday life with the cast and crew while locked up in their taping location in a remote area somewhere in Tanay, Rizal.

The vlog commenced with this statement written on the first frame: “Everybody in this video and on [the] set went through 14 days of quarantine before and after our lock-in taping. We all went through the safety procedures and test.”

Gerald eventually appeared on the screen, imparting that it’s his first day at their “bubble” and have to be there in the next 16 to 20 days. He also gave us a tour inside his room, showing us the food supplies and bags of clothes he brought for his whole stay there.

While he was waiting for his turn to shoot, he kept himself busy by doing some drills at the basketball court found inside the camp as his way of working out. Just in case you’re wondering why the cast of A Soldier’s Heart seldom posted on their social media platforms, he disclosed that the signal there is actually weak as they have to place their phones on the window.

Since the number of people in their taping were only limited, they have to cook their own food and clean their own quarters. He also had to shave his facial hairs off and prepare the clothes he would wear as he went back to being Alex.

On their rest day, the 31-year-old actor headed to the basketball court again, but with a few of his fellow actors this time as they played basketball for some minutes. His ever-dependable personal assistant arrived as well upon his request, adhering to the safety protocols of course.

Aside from playing basketball, they also hung out at each other’s room and even worked out together. We saw them going round the site and appreciating the beauty of its “overlooking”, too, wherein they spent quite some time, took some pictures, and browse through their phones as the signal there was strong.

Gerald wrapped the vlog by showing his prank to his already asleep PA.

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