Gerald Anderson shares a sneak peek of his Iron Man collection

The final mission begins in A Soldier’s Heart and as we anticipate the end of a war against own flesh and blood, and for justice and peace, three of the seven-man troop we admired on primetime will talk about the show’s gripping finale and what they’ve been up to since the taping came to a close.

Gerald Anderson, Carlo Aquino, and Jerome Ponce of A Soldier’s Heart focused on self-improvement since being stuck at home again after the lock-in tapings. The “new normal” setup at work helped them cope with the changes around them. They even appreciate the “positive” impact spawned from these changes such as limiting work schedules to a 12-hour period, which means actors can also get enough rest.

Thinking about the new lifestyle, Gerald said he sometimes can’t recall how life was in the past. No one saw these changes coming, so he underscored using these times to focus on positivity, improve the self, and learn new skills.

Gerald is known for being a huge Iron Man fan. Collector’s items are displayed all over the house – inside his room, in the hallways, in the closet, and others are arranged on the walls. For this interview, Gerald shows some of his Iron Man pieces displayed downstairs.

Dozens of Iron Man action figures are neatly assembled on a table. He also showed his Iron Man books. Gerald said some of these items are gifts from family and friends.

The most expensive of all his collection is the life-sized Iron Man statue that’s even taller than him and standing guard as though looking after the smaller figurines. He also owns an Iron Man pair of shoes.

Of course, there has to be Iron Man apparel and gear. He wore the superhero’s costume to a Halloween party in 2016. He shared that he plans to have an Iron Man full armor suit.

Gerald started his collection since watching the first Iron Man movie. He’s a big fan of Robert Downey, Jr. as well. Last year, Gerald turned his ‘fanboy’ mode on when he saw Robert aka Iron Man in the flesh!