Gerald Anderson, ibinahagi ang kwento sa likod ng maaksyong eksena sa A Soldier’s Heart

When A Soldier’s Heart was offered to Gerald Anderson, he did not hesitate to accept the project right away. “Nasa kalahati pa lang ng pitch, sinabi ko, tara gawin na natin,” he shared. Now, after extensive preparations, the actor is beyond thankful that they are finally on air.

Representing real people means that Gerald and the rest of the teleserye’s team had to be careful about every single detail they use for the story, especially since they are tackling sensitive topics. In an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, the show’s head writer Jerry B. Gracio talked about how they try to be as mindful as possible by consulting with Muslim scholars, Imams, and Marawi locals. “Kapag sinabi mong, halimbawa ang tauhan ay galing sa Mindanao, kailangan mong alamin ang lahat ng bagay na tungkol sa Mindanao,” Gracio stated.

WATCH: The Making of A Soldier’s Heart

Gerald knows that it is their responsibility to be truthful. “Gusto ko kasi bigyan ng dignidad ‘yung mga sundalo natin dahil ‘yung tinataya nila, buhay nila,” he added. They hope that the primetime show would be help viewers realize and appreciate how soldiers sacrifice their lives for the nation.

As part of the cast’s preparation, Carlo Aquino, Nash Aguas, Jerome Ponce, Yves Flores, Elmo Magalona, and Gerald went through a crash course of the scout ranger’s training. “’Yung training ng scout rangers isa sa pinaka mahirap sa buong Asia. Iba siya sa regular army training. ‘Pag sumabak ka sa scout rangers, kailangan sundalo ka na,” Gerald revealed.

They only experienced this for three days, but it was one of the toughest three days of their lives. Aside from the grueling exercises, they only had around three hours of sleep each day. “Natutulog kami sa lupa habang umuulan,” the Kapamilya star recalled. Gerald lost about 10 pounds by the end of their training.

This must have all been worth it just so they can honestly portray real soldiers who put their lives on the line. There is no doubt that this is a memorable experience that their whole cast will carry with them for the rest of their careers. So, do not miss A Soldier’s Heart on Primetime Bida.