Charlie Dizon answers hilarious questions from the Wrecking Bowl

In 2018, Charlie Dizon started gaining public attention when she took on the role of Marikit in the fantasy series Bagani. The stunning newcomer sported a feisty persona as a pirate member of Isla ng Matutulis. She now charms us all with her endearing lovestruck attitude as Isabel Gezali in the military series A Soldier’s Heart.

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Taking a break from her primetime assignment, Charlie is bound to impress us even more with her wit and confidence as she answers mind-boggling questions in the “Wrecking Bowl” challenge.

The rising star is asked to imagine losing all but one piece of tooth. If that happens, where will she place the remaining pearly white? Charlie says she’d rather have it fixed on the upper gums, “kasi kapag nag-smile, taas ‘yung nakikita”.

Wonder if AM radios can still be used in the evening? Charlie has the answer! “Baka naman pwede kasi puro balita ang AM radio ‘di ba, para makarining tayo ng balita.” Good point!

Try ko ‘yun minsan,” her response when asked if “Hi” can be used in lieu of “Hello” when answering telephones. Any wild guess on when was the calendar invented? She thinks it was first made on January 1.

Lastly, “Kapag bumili ako ng damit na pang-araw-araw, pwede ko bang suotin sa gabi?“ And the actress’ hilarious answer is, “Pwede! Alangan naman bold tayo sa gabi” followed by her adorable laughter.

Apart from her role in A Soldier’s Heart, Charlie is set to star in the much-awaited “Four Sisters and a Wedding” prequel where she’d play as the teenage Teddy Salazar, also Toni Gonzaga’s character in the 2013 blockbuster film.