Carlo Aquino shares exclusive stories about being a dad to Enola Mithi

The final mission begins in A Soldier’s Heart and as we anticipate the end of a war against own flesh and blood, and for justice and peace, three of the seven-man troop we admired on primetime will talk about the show’s gripping finale and what they’ve been up to since the taping came to a close. 

Gerald Anderson, Carlo Aquino, and Jerome Ponce of A Soldier’s Heart focused on self-improvement since being stuck at home again after the lock-in tapings. The “new normal” setup at work helped them cope with the changes around them. They even appreciate the “positive” impact spawned from these changes such as limiting work schedules to a 12-hour period which means actors can also get enough rest. 

Thinking about the new lifestyle, Gerald said he sometimes can’t recall how life was in the past. No one saw these changes coming, so he underscored using these times to focus on positivity, improve the self, and learn new skills.

Speaking of changes, Carlo has embarked on a new major milestone as girlfriend Trina Candaza gives birth to their first baby named Enola Mithi. The former child star shocked the netizens and fans with his sudden announcement just last week, after keeping mum about Trina’s pregnancy. 

So, how’s life been since Enola Mithi arrived in their lives and home? Carlo said that his job as an actor was a good training ground for all the sleepless nights. Thankfully, the adorable newborn isn’t a cry baby and does sleep peacefully. The hands-on dad added that Enola Mithi rarely wakes up in the middle of the night, perhaps just around two in the morning for feeding and diaper change. 

Carlo was supportive of Trina’s pregnancy. Tending to her needs kept him busy during the quarantine period while waiting for tapings to resume. Now that the baby is home, Carlo makes sure that he also fulfils his daddy duties. Diaper-changing is his major task. And as early as week one, he already has funny anecdotes to divulge. “The other day, natilamsikan ako ng number 2,” he shared.

On the baby’s unique name, the doting ‘tatay’ revealed that ‘Enola’ was given by Trina while the Tagalog word ‘Mithi’ was his choice. Even before the child’s gender was known, Carlo has always wanted a girl for his firstborn. “Kasi malambing sa tatay,” he said. And if ever the couple bears a baby boy next, he knows the little Carlo will be protective of his elder sister. 

Outside fatherhood, the new dad still takes his workout seriously. He takes on the treadmill, takes a run, and does boxing on his free hours, without neglecting to treat himself with a little junk food on the side.