WATCH: Carlo Aquino expresses fulfillment as an actor while overcoming personal struggles

As Carlo Aquino continues to astound us with his exceptional and deep acting skills as we have seen on A Solider’s Heart, it would be quite interesting to note how he strives to become the best of himself while struggling with inner conflicts to achieve success.

In this episode of StarStudio.ph’s #JustLikeYou, Carlo discloses how his trek to stardom wasn’t that easy from the time a handler discovered him at an LRT station to his early years in showbiz. But he admitted it was fate that brought him to the business, and since his first audition for a TV commercial and eventually a slot for Ang TV, he knew this was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Carlo would also share experiences as a child actor, how much he enjoyed working on set while taking things like it was mere playtime. Yet his eyes were opened to the world of showbiz at an early age, and this allowed him to mature as a person, given that he worked with the top veteran actors in major projects.

His award-winning performance on “Bata, Bata…Pa’no Ka Ginawa?” became his career-defining stint that opened doors for him especially that he worked with his mom’s idol Vilma Santos. But even though this brought him much acclaim, Carlo confessed he still had doubts about himself. There were times projects were not that much to sustain a stable livelihood, thus he even contemplated migrating to another country to earn more since he was a breadwinner.

But despite this, there were reasons for him not leave the industry, and keep on hoping that things will turn out fine. With his impeccable talent, Carlo remained and sustained a respectable stature as a noteworthy actor in the industry. He would look up to role models in the business just like Christopher de Leon and Joel Torre, whose talent of instant characterization was something he hoped having.

These blessings he would never take for granted, especially in making the most of the time he has in appreciating life and perfecting his craft. He also revealed overcoming trust issues with colleagues and even learned to endure whatever pain that results from it and know there will always be someone who would love and accept. It shows he can connect with more people, and this he said makes him complete.

In this video, watch more of Carlo’s revelations that he is a survivor “just like you.”