5 times Benjie showed his ‘soft heart’ in A Soldier’s Heart | Friday 5

With a set of characters that come from different walks of life, A Soldier’s Heart is breaking stereotypes and redefining what it means to be a hero today. One of those characters is Benjie, portrayed by Yves Flores. Soldiers have to be tough on the outside, but he is proving that it is what’s on the inside that matters.

Phil (Jerome Ponce) once asked Benjie whether he had a girlfriend or was interested in anyone. For both questions, the response was a no. Later that night, Benjie was shown crying in bed while reading text messages he sent to someone named “Ken.” When Phil asked him about it, his short answer was that a friend left him.

More on the topic of relationships, Michael (Nash Aguas) opened up to Benjie about his problems with Isabel (Charlie Dizon). So, he offered some pieces of advice on how to treat a lady. “Kung ako babae, gusto namin ‘yung kami lang ‘yung tinitingnan. Tapos ‘yung kamay lang namin hinahawakan. ‘Yung tipong lagi kang sinusuyo. ‘Yung kahit kayo na, nililigawan ka pa rin.”

Despite the difficulty of their scout rangers training, Benjie managed to look out for his comrades. He secretly gave Michael a banana because the latter was clearly struggling. He then ran ahead to Phil who was shown cheating by throwing away some of the weights from his bag. So, Benjie tried to convince him to do the right thing. This paid off after the exercise because an officer decided to double check their bags and Phil was saved from punishment.

After a long day of training, Phil was looking for his boxers and thought it was stolen. Benjie then came to admit that he took the underwear and included it to his laundry. He also helped his buddy who was complaining earlier about the boils on his back.

And when Phil was sent to the hospital for a gunshot wound, Benjie never left his side. He waited outside the operating room during surgery. After Phil was moved to a private room, he practically nailed himself beside the bed.

There is no doubt that Benjie is a reliable comrade. From offering advice to saving a life, these scenes prove that he has a soldier’s heart. Which moment from the primetime series is your favorite?