Unravel the Deepest Facets

The gruelling trainings that put a soldier’s entire being to test is also the same force that polishes his valor. Yet, there’s more to his soul than just unbreakable gallantry and badass appeal. Within him nests a heart that radiates love and compassion, a heart that serves as his most powerful shield and weapon amidst any kind of war he faces. Let these scenes from Kapamilya series A Soldier’s Heart unravel the depth of a fighter’s heart and spirit.



A soldier’s heart is infused with a strong spirit of brotherhood and the unspoken commitment to fight not just for himself but for the comrade next to him. During an ambush attack, Alex (Gerald Anderson) crawled his way through Olan (Ketchup Eusebio)’s rescue in hopes of still saving him from inevitable death. Soul-wrenching violence enveloped that moment and Alex had all the chances to escape. But the two ‘brothers’ fought for and beside each other until the end. From then on, Olan’s heroism has never been forgotten and Alex used his fallen friend’s sacrifice to fuel the desire of serving in the army. 



Genuine brotherhood isn’t only displayed during a standoff but even in the wearying battle for dreams like how Alex and Benjie (Yves Flores) helped Michael (Nash Aguas) review the basics of navigation to pass the next day’s drill. A warrior knows victory feels sweeter when shared.



Alex had many times rendered his generosity to his buddies like when he sacrificed rest time to gear up Michael for an underwater test. Elmer (Vin Abrenica), the commanding officer, caught and reprimanded them. Alex managed to defend his friend, proving that a soldier’s heart is immensely coated with sense of camaraderie.



Instead of crushing his spirits, Michael’s plight as a young breadwinner to a big family has rather been his source of courage and inspiration. His family was the anchor that pushed him to soar higher and even if he got rejected countless times in the initial screenings, the striker fought for his military dreams. Michael had to juggle his works as enlisted personnel with a little food-selling business on the side. The meagre amount of money he gets would be automatically sent to his mom and siblings. His younger brother was asking for a new pair of shoes that time hoping to win a cash prize from a basketball league. He promised to provide albeit, struggling. Yet, he never allowed the hardship and mockery to crumple his strong endurance. After all, a soldier’s heart is sacrificial. A true fighter is willing to offer not just a piece of himself but his entire being – blood and sweat – for the people he loves.



The troop finally reaped the fruit of their sacrifices as they became full-fledged soldiers. The journey may not have been easy but casting smiles of pride on their loved ones’ faces was worth every sweat and tear. Alex and his fellow uniformed men reunited with their families after graduation. Their efforts often go unrewarded and they expect nothing in return. All that these soldiers yearn for at the end of each season in the battlefield is to be able to return to the people they call home.


Prior to the heartfelt reunion with their families, the troop learned that Michael wouldn’t leave the camp because of empty pockets. He sent all his salary beforehand, like what he always does. The pain in Michael’s eyes tugged at his buddies’ heartstrings, prompting them to contribute their extra allowance until they accumulated enough for his travel fare.  



Rivalry is an inevitable part of the game but what makes the difference is how a fighter would use his competitive spirit to either grow or become egoistic. Gorio (Angelo Ilagan) believed he must always emerge as the champion even if he wins by dragging other people down, hence, taunting his comrades especially Alex all the time. Yet, when he was trapped in the woods, no one tried to help him but Alex. The latter rescued the arrogant man without hesitation, showing that a soldier’s heart grows in humility. Alex was praised for raising the value of winning as a team rather than winning alone.



Men in uniform are not prone to romantic love like how Michael instantly fell to Isabel (Charlie Dizon)’s charm. The pretty girl was annoyed by his presence at first but he did not let this threaten his feelings. His smile greeted Isabel as she woke up in the hospital after having been dragged in a hostage-taking incident. Isabel thanked Michael for not leaving her side until she’s feeling better. Since then, the two could no longer pass a day without thinking about each other. Sometimes, Cupid’s arrow hits a soldier’s heart faster than bullet.



In times of uncertainty, our valiant warriors hold unto each other for support and will to fight. Trapped in the forest after an encounter with a terror group, Alex and Lourd (Sue Ramirez), both severely wounded, looked after one another while waiting for rescue. Lourd nursed Alex’s wound despite his protest. The two are known for their love-hate relationship inside the camp but when the crisis arose, the female soldier revealed her heart’s hidden facet – gentle and caring.



Elmer (Vin Abrenica) was annoyed when Grace (Claire Ruiz) called him in the middle of a mission to request for Durian, so to satisfy her pregnancy cravings. When out in the market, Elmer smiled as he chanced upon a fruit stall and saw an expectant couple nearby. Grace is surprised to receive Elmer’s package – pieces of durian fruit and a sweet little note. That moment stripped off Elmer’s tough persona to unravel his lighthearted side.



As the rangers fought in a shootout, Elmer lost stance after beating a rebel. Alex, the adopted brother he always loathed, came to his rescue and offered his hand for help. That moment paved the way for the brothers’ reconciliation as they pushed their personal rift aside in the name of duty. They have hurt each other in some ways but they both prove that empathy is not diminished by one’s mistake. A soldier’s heart knows how to forgive.   



Grown in the streets of poverty, Michael is not even a bit challenged by the simple life inside the camp. His comrades display the same level of adaptability as well. However, they need to hide their situation in order not to arouse their families’ worries. Michael talked with his mom over the phone, saying they always feast on scrumptious meals and sleep in air-conditioned rooms. Michael and his friends shared a moment of laughter because the truth is they content themselves with canned goods and spend restless nights inside the military truck. They remain resilient despite all these because a soldier’s heart is painted with hope and positivity.