Kapamilya Toplist: 10 signs Lourdes is finally falling for Alex in A Soldier’s Heart

Indeed, our primetime viewing has been more action-packed with the arrival of the action-drama series A Soldier’s Heart a few months ago. But as the narrative continues to unfold, we’ve found that it’s not merely filled with action and drama, for it also has an element of kilig as well – thanks to the romances formed among its characters, such as Lourdes and Alex’s.

Respectively portrayed by Gerald Anderson and Sue Ramirez, Private Alexander Marasigan and 2nd Lieutenant Lourdes Bacalso have been giving us kilig vibes through their blossoming love story that many of us could definitely relate with.

The mention of his name seemingly never failed to brighten up her aura and mood as a smile is automatically painted onto her face. However, there were instances that her mood suddenly changes because of him, depending on the information or news that she would learn about him. Just like many of us, she tries to feign the fluttering of the butterflies in her stomach by dismissing the topic or reacting violently, but deep inside, we’ve been dying to flash our bright beam.

As she displays a stern persona outside, she actually possesses a soft heart, as she wasn’t able to hold back her emotions after Alex bade goodbye to her to pursue his Scout Ranger training and surprisingly confessed his feelings towards her. He also promised to do his best to become an officer once he comes back from training, to which she retorted by telling him that he’s only wasting his time and reminding him to do good. She burst in tears as she watched him walked away and silently expressed her hope for him to come back.

Curious as she was with the contents of the flash drive that Alex unknowingly dropped, Lourd only got her heart broken upon spotting photos of him with Elmer’s (Vin Abrenica) girlfriend Grace (Claire Ruiz). Thus, she immediately called her best friend 1st Lt. Jethro Mondejar (Elmo Magalona) to ask about her. But when he was about to pass on the phone to Alex, she hung up.

She wasn’t able to bring that up on their next meeting for they both figured in an intense firefight with the rebels, wherein they both sustained wounds. They had an awkward yet thrilling moment while she was helping him fix his bandage.

Once they were both in the hospital, Alex dropped by her room to check on her and to tell her about his feelings for her again, which made her truly stupefied – out of nervousness or sheer disbelief perhaps.

Assuming that he’s in a relationship with Grace, Lourd tried to conceal her feelings by confronting her straight-faced as she returned his flash drive then discouraged him from courting her. As soon as they parted ways, she longingly watched him went away, declined his phone call, and pondered on the things she told him.

She eventually found out that Elmer and Grace got back together during her visit to the Marasigans, so later that night, she didn’t miss the chance to apologize for her indifference and ridiculous behavior in the previous days as Alex drove her home via his motorcycle. Lourd also expressed her concern regarding the kidnapping incident he witnessed.

Her kilig on seeing Alex extended when she attended his birthday party as their colleagues teased them and they had pep talks upon her arrival and before she left. She also volunteered to give him food, which brought them to a really awkward moment, and wasn’t able to hide her thrill when he told her that he considers her as a ‘tropa’ and someone he could really trust.

While having fraternization between an enlisted personnel and an officer is strictly prohibited, will it still be possible for their lovestory to prosper? Well, that’s for us to find out in the upcoming episodes of A Soldier’s Heart!