Choose your favorite soldier in A Soldier’s Heart!

It has already been three months since the last time we’ve seen A Soldier’s Heart on television and immersed ourselves in the lives of its characters, particularly of the main characters who are fictitiously part of the 4th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army. 

And now that the lockdown has loosened up a bit that allowed most business and industries to open and operate again, the series also goes back to action anew starting on Monday, June 15, along with other Kapamilya programs, with a brand new season and a brand new mission. Here’s some sort of refresher on their qualities that we admired about them and let’s determine as well their level of honesty, integrity, and hardwork according to these meters. 


Pvt Alex Marasigan



We’ve witnessed his intense passion to serve the country as after initially taking part in their operations as an IT expert, as well as being influenced by his adoptive father and brother, Alex Marasigan (Gerald Anderson) enlisted himself to the military and became one of its promising men. 
But what if he’s going to find out the truth about his identity – that he’s biological family actually spearheads the rebel group they’ve been at war? How will it going to affect him and his sworn duty to serve the country?


Pvt. Abraham “Abe” Kamlun



His being a Muslim didn’t hinder Pvt. Abraham “Abe” Kamlun (Carlo Aquino) from fulfilling his aspiration to join the army and creating cordial ties with his colleagues. He’s indeed a reminder for us to stop stereotyping those who are in Islam as terrorists or warmongers for not all of them take part in those kinds of destructive activities and are actually the victims most of the time. But how long could he do this for his brethren?


2nd Lt. Lourd Bacalso



She might be the only woman in their troop, but 2nd Lt. Lourd Bacalso (Sue Ramirez) proves that she can be tough and courageous like her mates as well (or perhaps even more!) for she’s the one giving commands to them. But at the same time, she’s still woman who has a soft heart and still knows how to love. Will her romance with Pvt. Marasigan continue to bloom or their status will get in the way?


1st Lt. Elmer Marasigan



Among the names in this roster, 1st Lt. Elmer Marasigan (Vin Abrenica) is arguably the most despised as he harbors ill feelings towards his adoptive younger brother Alex and tends to do everything just to make his life miserable, and worse, to completely get rid of him. At the same time, his bravery and being a born leader are what makes him admirable. But for how long will his wrath against his brother last?


1st Lt. Jethro Mondejar



Many could certainly relate with 1st Lt. Jethro Mondejar (Elmo Magalona) as he opted to follow his parents dream for him to enter the military instead of following his passion for painting. But thanks to his best friend Lourd for cheering him up to still continue in his current job and supporting him to where his heart beats more.


Pvt. Michael Mendoza



Despite failing in his initial attempt to join the military, Pvt. Michael Mendoza (Nash Aguas) didn’t lose hope and still pursued on his dream. He succeeded and turned out to become one of the most admired members of their platoon because of his being a big ball sunshine and optimistic regardless of the circumstances he or they went through. Besides, his charm and handsomeness is also irresistible, thus making Isabel (Charlie Dizon) fall for him!


Pvt. Phil Panganiban



As the narrative continues to unfold, we couldn’t help but notice how Pvt. Phil Panganiban (Jerome Ponce) is slowly becoming the character worth admiring for as he exudes the willingness to improve himself and be a better version of himself despite being indifferent at the onset.


Pvt. Benjie Arguelles



We’ve witnessed how Pvt. Benjie Arguelles (Yves Flores) has been so determined to prove himself not just to his family, but to everyone around him as well. But he does this without having to step on anyone else, but instead putting other’s welfare first before him. However, it seemed that there’s another thing that he has yet to prove as he turns out to be not a straight guy unlike his colleagues. Is he going to be brave enough unravel his true colors or is he going to just keep it in himself? 

Who’s your favorite soldier in the drama? You can indicate your choice in your comments to this article.