7 gripping, intense scenes people are talking about on A Soldier’s Heart

A Soldier’s Heart may be running for just three weeks, but it has never fell short in thrilling us with its nail-biting, action-packed scenes that arguably brought us to the edge of our seats.

As it approaches its fourth week, let’s revisit the gripping, intense scenes from the action drama that you might have missed or wanted to see again.

With Saal Alhuraji (Sid Lucero), a.k.a. Abdul Waajid, aiming to exact vengeance against Colonel Dante Marasigan (Rommel Padilla) who killed his father (Lito Pimentel) in a deadly skirmish, he let his wrath consume him and shot the officer in front of the hotel he and his wife Minda (Mickey Ferriols) are staying at in Mindanao. He managed to avoid the shots when a security alerted him, but not Minda who got wounded.

After talking with his mom Yasmin (Irma Adlawan) at their hideout, he left to meet with Nasir (Zeppi Borromeo), an acquaintance and leader of another faction who he thought could help him get rid of the CCTV footages in the hotel. But he was unfortunately wrong because unbeknownst to him, Nasir had already forged allegiance with Saal’s rival, Aquil (Kiko Matos), leader of another rebel group.

Aquil entered the scene pointing a gun at him and told Saal that a congressman ordered him to kill him. However, it was the former who got slayed in the end after the latter was able to fight back. He reviled Saal’s victory before taking his last breath. Nasir, on the other hand, was able to escape. 

As Private Alexander Marasigan (Gerald Anderson) was able to get a clear shot of the target, which was Waajid, the latter used Isabel (Charlie Dizon) to shield himself. Suddenly, he got distracted by the memories of his fallen comrade Olan (Ketchup Eusebio) upon the sight of the enemy, which was worsened by Yasmin’s presence.

The other troopers arrived at the scene attempting to corner Waajid, but got disrupted when Fatima (Nikki Valdez) fired shots from a corner, giving them a chance to escape as the soldiers fled the area. Rescue came for the rebel group and their hostage Isabel with the immediate arrival of their getaway vehicle, a white van, which contained a fatally shot Rasheed (Matt Evans). They’ve managed to fully escape from the military truck tailing them after Fatima blasted it.

While his fellow candidate-soldiers were being tortured by an unidentified group who blocked their convoy on their way to an unknown place, Alex was brought to a separate area where he was being beaten up and his head being repeatedly dunked in a drum of water. He was able to take off his blindfold and figured out that his opponent was actually his brother, 1st Lieutenant Elmer Marasigan (Vin Abrenica), who told him that there’s no special treatment in the camp.

As Alex tried to escape, Elmer strangled him. But the former was able to fight back then stifled him.

We found ourselves in bated breaths as we watched how Elmer positioned himself and aimed for his targets – which were two small bags of colored water hanging on both ends of a twig being held by his brother Alex. Just like the cadets and the officers gathered around them, we anticipated if the former’s going to miss his target and shoot the latter instead, but that didn’t happen.

Elmer succeeded in demonstrating the trust shooting activity and went to Alex as he attempted to mock his obvious anxiety. Alex retaliated by admitting how that made him feel nervous not for his own safety, but for Elmer’s reputation since he’s already a soldier, and how certain he was that Elmer would never dare harm him despite of their personal conflict. Their subtle confrontation ended with an exchange of salutes.

After getting traumatized over the tragic incident that killed a number of uniformed men, Alex felt that he’s already incapable of going back to his office work, thus he decided to join the military. On his first day on the training camp, Major Raul Lucente (Mon Confiado) commanded the recruits to introduce themselves one-by-one and mention their respective motives in joining the army.

Major Lucente noted the attendance of Michael (Nash Aguas), implying that the young man had been trying multiple times to enter the military. Despite his admission of being in dire need of a well-paying job that could help his struggling family, he once again failed the screening. The officer approached him to ask if that would be the end of his journey, but the persistent Michael boldly declared that he wouldn’t stop yet then turned his back.

As the remaining trainees marched off, Alex spotted Elmer and called him, as if trying to talk with him. But the latter just looked at him and proceeded walking to the opposite direction.

As he pretended to be already dead after their troop got ambushed by Saal’s faction, Alex was able to save himself, but not his newfound-friend Corporal Olan Arguelles (Ketchup Eusebio) who got fatally shot multiple times leading to his death.

Despite also sustaining wounds, Alex carried Olan in an attempt to still save him to no avail as the soldier succumbed to his harrowing death. This made Alex emotional.

The pilot episode brought us back to the time when Saal’s family was still complete and living happily amid the chaos that surrounded them.

Troopers then came one evening, disrupting their peace and killing their patriarch and rebel group leader Yosef (Lito Pimentel). This caused them to get separated, with the youngest child Hakeem running off because of terror and Yasmin and Saal escaping from the uniformed men who might arrest or kill them. Yasmin tried to go back to fetch Hakeem, but Saal stopped him. The kid went unconscious and was carried by Col. Marasigan.