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Your questions about ‘one great love’ answered by Angelica and special guest Alex Gonzaga

Let’s talk about finding ‘the one’ in this season finale episode of Ask Angelica with your favorite life and love guru Angelica Panganiban, co-host Kean Cipriano and special guest Alex Gonzaga.

Hearts fluttered when Alex said ‘yes’ to boyfriend and now-fiancé Mikee Morada, the guy who brings out the best in her. Sheltered and with parents deemed strict, she’s known to be very careful when it comes to relationships to make sure that her decisions are leading her to God’s best. And that kind of surrender always saves her from potential heartbreaks.

Kapag nakaka-meet ako ng lalaki, ‘pag nagdadasal ako o hatinggabi, laging hindi ako at peace sa sarili ko. Parang mayroon sa aking nagsasabi na ‘Hindi ‘yan ang para sa’yo.’ Si Lord siguro ‘yun,” shared Alex.

But these uncertainties faded away when she met Mikee. For the first time, there was calm and peace. That was how she knew he’s the one. More so, he inspires her to be better, just like her sister Toni Gonzaga. She also mentioned that they never broke up or had a cool-off period.

Sometimes, a person’s one great love isn’t all about romance. K-Pop fans, for instance, consider their idols as their source of inspiration. However, fan mode turns into borderline obsession that it comes at a high price. That’s the first video caller’s concern to which Angelica resolved by pointing out the need for balance. She thought hardcore devotion is fine as long as you won’t break your savings for concert tickets and merchandise. Alex further advised the netizen to limit updates about her idols.

The next video caller is a medical student doubtful if she’s taking on this career choice out of passion or pressure. Since she’s only a few months away from graduation, the TTs advised her to hang in there and finish her studies, then, contemplate on her next move. For Alex, we are exactly where we are meant to be and God has a purpose in mind. Angelica entered showbiz for her parents, a decision that turned out just right. “Akala mo hindi mo na siya gusto pero pagod ka lang pala. Kailangan mo lang mag-reset,” she explained.

On one-sided love, Angelica stressed that giving must be unconditional. “Minsan, ang mahirap diyan kapag nagbibigay tayo, nag-eexpect tayo ng kapalit. Kapag nagbigay ka, huwag kang mag-expect ng something in return. Kaya lang masakit siyempre kasi love ‘yung binibigay mo, eh tapos hindi nare-reciprocate,” she said.

Some people screwed up a seemingly great relationship, making them wonder if they could still experience the same kind of love. Angelica told one video caller to start with a clean slate and believe that real love will still come.

The gang further mentioned that great love isn’t measured by time and it beats all the sweet unforgettable feelings that first love brings. With great love, there is calmness and peace, and you’d just know you found the one.

Great love brings bliss and contentment. However, don’t let the emptiness or pressure convince you to date for the wrong reasons. Have you ever been a victim of “Kailan ka mag-aasawa?” during family reunions? Here’s what Alex had to say: “Kanya-kanyang timing ang bawat tao. Iba-iba ang journey ng bawat tao. Hindi natin dapat diktahan kung ano ‘yung feeling nating normal.”

Angelica knows exactly how it feels like to be pushed into settling down. “Bakit? Bakit gusto ninyo ang isang tao na magkaroon ng partner, eh nakikita n’yo naman na buong-buo siya by herself. Eh, ‘di ba nga dapat buo ka bago ka makipagrelasyon sa iba,” she said.

For her takeaway, Angelica underscored that great love comes in many forms. It can be your career, romantic relationships, being a mom, fangirling, and more. No matter what kind, great love must be nurtured by passion and the desire to see it grow.

Check out this video for the full episode!