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  • Welcome mga Kapamilya!
Angelica Panganiban tackles self-love with fab friends Cherry Pie Picache, Mylene Dizon and Agot Isidro

A woman is limitless, that’s why she is expected to take on different roles. But the endless responsibilities shall never get in the way of living in happiness and self-love. Cherry Pie Picache, Mylene Dizon, and Agot Isidro share how they keep fab beyond thirty despite the exhausting work-life balance!

In this ‘riot’ episode of Ask Angelica, our favorite girl Angelica Panganiban with co-hosts Kean Cipriano and Via Antonio tackle how women run the house, and the world, while keeping it rewarding through self-care.

Cherry Pie, Mylene, and Agot aren’t the women to mess around with. They are strong and confident. They can go bantering about love life and intimacy one moment, then, switch to airing feisty opinion about serious issues. And when asked what makes life exciting, none of them mentioned about men. Mylene went for a healthy lifestyle, Agot said work, while Cherry Pie talked about her children and friends. Although, Mylene and Agot admitted that they are in a relationship at the moment.

The first discussion was from a 40-year-old NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) asking for tips on how to open up her feelings to someone. For Mylene, a potential romance begins not with a quick fearless confession but by keeping it real. “Start with an easy conversation with the person and, then, we’ll see where it will take you. Hindi naman agad sunggab nang sunggab,” she explained.

Agot shared her proven tactic on how to keep a man thinking about you. She would slather cologne on her hands and keep on playfully touching the guy’s arm, so he’d come home with your scent. Angelica stressed the beauty of exploring outside one’s comfort zone, considering age factors and modern times

Motherhood would inevitably change a woman’s body, igniting self-doubt and insecurities. For a netizen who sought the help of our ‘mamees,’ her husband’s insensitive remarks add salt to the wound. She said that her partner of almost a decade would often compare her body to that of other women and her younger self.

Cherry Pie advised her to focus on her strengths that her physical appearance because, surely, there are more exciting qualities about her. “At the end of the day, you have to tell your husband, ‘There are other things to celebrate about me, not just my body.’”

Mylene added that it would take time to bounce back. Agot tried to boost the netizen’s confidence, saying that bearing a child twice is no ordinary feat.

There’s a growing call for self-care among women, especially for mothers, because they need a break, too. However, this simple act of love is often plagued with assumptions and judgment. A netizen shared how she’d receive “selfish” and “feeling dalaga” tags for simply taking care of herself.

Agot explained that a person can’t pour from an empty cup. “For me, to take care of other people, I have to take care of myself first.” Mylene likened a mother’s heart to a tank that needs to be refilled once in a while. Cherry Pie and Angelica underscored that other’s opinion doesn’t matter as long as you know what you deserve and you’re doing things right.

In the next segment, a female netizen sought advice about an invite from her ex-boyfriend’s family. She had a good relationship with them but the possibility of seeing her ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend makes her feel uncomfortable. For Mylene, there’s no need to go or make an excuse. “Gulo lang ‘yan eh… Kung meron nang girlfriend, respeto na lang din,” Angelica commented.

Asked how to remain fabulous despite the demands of work and motherhood, Mylene had this to say: “You don’t look fab for somebody else but for yourself, first and foremost.” The fit momma makes sure to work out even for just thirty minutes a day. Agot pointed out the benefits of a healthy diet as well. Angelica said that it also helps to know your body’s limitations so as not to push yourself too hard.

The last dilemma was from a netizen who wants to stage a big scene ala Star Cinema movie after catching her boyfriend cheating. The ladies had only one thing to say – just walk away because it’s not worth it. Angelica, having done several confrontation scenes before, vouched to the emotional exhaustion spawned from trying to get even. Mylene said that hanging out with friends would instead make the best “Star Cinema moment.”

Angelica ended the episode by sharing her takeaways about self-confidence. “Maa-achieve mo lang ‘yun kapag meron ka talagang maayos na pag-aalaga, ‘yung self-care, alam mo ‘yung self-worth mo.”

She further expressed her views on the importance of me-time. “Paano mo maaasikaso ‘yung iba kung ‘yung sarili mo kulang-kulang. Hindi ka kumpleto on the inside dahil hindi kumpleto ‘yung happiness at hindi sapat ‘yung pag-aalaga na nakukuha mo,” Angelica said, adding that women can still be fierce while keeping their self-worth and values.