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Angelica Panganiban offers guidance in complicated relationship woes in “Ask Angelica”

Back with more personal advice on love and life, the “Love Or Money” star Angelica Panganiban released the second part of the special Ask Angelica episode. Learn from the wisdom of the actress who’s worked on countless movies and teleseryes involving romantic troubles and conflicts!

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The first netizen to send in her love problem is “wedding_belle” who recently said yes to her boyfriend’s proposal. Because of the pandemic, their wedding plans had to wait but now that they’re financially ready, her boyfriend is wondering why she hasn’t started planning yet. She realized that she is now unsure of the wedding because she personally feels that she is not ready to get married. 

Angelica acknowledged that people experience saying “yes” to things, then feeling differently afterwards because, at times, we just got caught up in the moment. Aside from that, the pandemic may have played a big factor as well because it was definitely a “trial of survival” in all aspects for everyone, most especially for those in relationships. Being with your partner 24/7 can take a toll on someone and make them see a side of their partner that they’ve never seen before. 

Given that, Angelica assures the netizen that it’s better that she realized those things about herself now rather than after she got married, but letting it be doesn’t solve the problem. She advises, “Pag-usapan n’yo siguro talaga dahil baka naman may mas malalim na problema.” As long as the netizen understands what she wants and explains it to her fiancé properly, surely he would understand and they can work through it. 

Netizen “kim_senyorita” relayed a problem related to the pandemic as well. She and her live-in partner have been together for seven years already and they’re doing fine; however, when the pandemic hit, her partner encountered some employment problems that led to a decreased stream of income, making “kim_senyorita” pay for most of the bills. The little money the partner has left is usually spent on hobbies instead of chipping in for rent or household bills. Although the “kim_senyorita” used to tolerate that behavior, she now wants to talk about it with her live-in partner but doesn’t know how to.

Nakakaloka ‘yan!” Angelica immediately opened and told the netizen to stop tolerating it. She claims that if the person can spend on luxuries, they have the capability to pay for their end of the house responsibilities. They should also look at the situation of the pandemic where people have to give up some extra comforts just to get by. 

The Walang Hanggang Paalam actress adds that “kim_senyorita” should set her love for her partner aside first and face reality. She should talk seriously to her partner that they should hold up their end of the bills. 

The next netizen submission came from “tinder_daily” who shared his/her problem finding the one after getting out of a long relationship. Now that he/she is trying to get into dating apps, each person the/she goes on a date with doesn’t seem to be a good match, leaving the netizen to wonder if the other person is the problem or if he/she is the problem and should find himself/herself first. 

Angelica knowingly answers, “Alam mo nandito naman na mga sagot sa sinabi mo eh. Tama naman ‘yung sinabi mo na you need to find yourself first. Kaya lang, saan ka ba huling nalagay?” She further explains that the netizen may need to backtrack his/her relationships to see who he/she really is and go through the steps to completing and finding yourself. 

Kailangan mo i-accept and kailangan mo i-embrace. Every time nasasaktan, every time na iiyak ka, every time na naaalala mo siya, you have to acknowledge,” she lays out as an important part of the process of acceptance and forgiveness for a person to move on and learn to be happy on their own without relying on dating apps or other people.

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