• Welcome mga Kapamilya!
  • Welcome mga Kapamilya!
Angelica Panganiban joins forces with BFF Glaiza de Castro to tackle interracial romance

Love is the most powerful and universal language, they say. When two people are bound by love, despite the different race and culture, nothing else but the heart will prevail. In this episode of Ask Angelica, Kapamilya actress Angelica Panganiban enlists the help of her best friend, Glaiza de Castro, alongside co-hosts Kean Cipriano and Via Antonio, in a rundown of common dilemmas faced by Pinays dating a foreign guy.

Even Angelica isn’t a stranger to the scary yet beautiful feelings of falling in love with someone from across the globe. Unfortunately, the budding romance didn’t work out. So, to add in bits of wisdom rooted from experience, Angelica joined forces with Glaiza, who found her match in Irish businessman and surfing instructor, David Rainey.

All it took was a Primal Scream song to spark their connection. As Glaiza narrated, she booked a flight to Siargao for her birthday. She was surprised to see a lot of foreign guys upon arrival at the airport, just as how Angelica described the province.

As she was enjoying the trip, she saw David, the shy and quiet guy who didn’t tickle her interest at first. Later on, much to her surprise, somebody played her favorite Primal Scream song. She looked around wanting to know the soulmate with the same taste in music, who turned out to be David. The song became a good conversation starter. “After ng Siargao trip, sumunod sa Maynila,” she enthused. Glaiza introduced her barkada to the guy who stole her heart and she spent Valentine’s Day with him.

The lovebirds were stuck at Glaiza’s hometown in Baler, Aurora during the early months of quarantine. Glaiza introduced her beau to her family after keeping things a secret. “Before, hindi ko alam kung saan ko itatago si David kasi first time kong magka-jowa ng hindi Pilipino. Hindi ko rin kasi in-expect. Medyo iba ‘yung kultura sa atin,” she related.

Glaiza is currently enjoying the province life while David went back to Ireland. They’re beating the odds of a long-distance relationship, just one of the typical dilemmas faced by interracial couples.

As the segment “Tanong Mo, Share Mo” kicked off, the gang met a Pinay and American couple from Colorado, USA asking for their opinion about culture and language barrier. Speaking from experience, Glaiza stressed that learning each other’s dialect is a crucial part of working out a relationship. In her case, she’s happy that David took the initiative to learn Tagalog because he’d be back for sure. Angelica added that effort comes from both sides.

The second guest netizen is torn between a foreigner miles away but is making her happy and a guy who’s always near but doesn’t bring her much joy. Angelica would rather prioritize a deep soul connection than mere availability because a beautiful soul lasts for a lifetime.

Mas gusto ko na malayo kayo pero konektado ‘yung soul and happiness ninyo. ‘Yung comfort na magkasama kayo, pwedeng pagsawaan ‘yan, eh. Pwedeng lumipas ‘yan, eh. Pero hindi ‘yung goodness ng soul ng isang tao and ‘yung happiness na kaya niyang ibigay sayo.  Malayo siya pero napapasaya ka niya, what more kung magkasama kayo?” she explained.

There are Filipinas taking on the role of a breadwinner. When they settle down, problems with financial management and assistance arise. Angelica stressed that communication is always the first step in handling such issues. Then, she advised Pinay breadwinners to help their family become self-supporting by giving them a long-term source of income. 

Not all “afam” love stories end up in a happily ever after. One netizen asked, “How to win an afam’s heart?” Glaiza believes romantic relationships share the same roots – self-love. She emphasized that winning and knowing yourself first will eventually attract your match.

Since an interracial couple belongs to different sides of the world, one of them is required to totally uproot and start over. Relocation is a major factor in working out an interracial marriage, which is why it often leads to an argument. For Angelica, this doesn’t have to be a no-win situation wherein the one who leaves and cleaves ends up as the loser. “Hindi pwedeng nag-compromise ka lang. Dapat hundred percent gusto mo din doon,” she said.

Putting herself in the same shoe, Glaiza asserted, “Hindi ko kayang iwan ang buhay ko dito.” Luckily, David is also willing to stay in the Philippines.

When it was Angelica’s turn to speak, she didn’t have to think twice. She said that she’s willing to give up everything for love. “I don’t care kung anuman ‘yung status ng career ko kasi nagtrabaho na ako for 28 years sa ABS-CBN. So, feeling ko ‘pag dumating siya, hindi naman ako nagdadamot pero maiintindihan naman siguro ako ng kompanya. I’ve been longing na magkaroon ako ng sarili kong pamilya. So, ‘pag nangyari siya, give up lahat,” she confidently declared.

Filipinas are often plagued by the stereotype that they’re dating foreigners for money. Glaiza would cry foul over this assumption. Even she was a victim of such judgment. All she could say is others’ opinion doesn’t matter to a heart deeply in love. Besides, she knows the truth. She’s dating a foreign guy for love and never for some selfish gains. 

Angelica backed her best friend with a “hugot” about love being a universal force. “Isang mundo lang ang pinanggalingan nating lahat. So, isang love lang din ang pwede nating i-share,” she underscored. At the end of the day, love knows no color. It sees no judgment.

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