• Welcome mga Kapamilya!
  • Welcome mga Kapamilya!
Angelica, JM and Direk Tonet reunite and help netizens move on from the past

The past is a terrifying place to be trapped in. Feelings like regrets and pain may be lurking just around its corners. But the past brings happy memories as well. In this episode of Ask Angelica, the gang reminisces on the good days as Angelica Panganiban reunites with JM De Guzman and Director Antoinette Jadaone.

Together with “Truepang Totoo” Kean Cipriano and Via Antonio, the trio look back on some unforgettable things of the past like their blockbuster film “That Thing Called Tadhana” which they really enjoyed shooting. And it paved the way for their friendship. Angelica also picked Zanjoe Marudo and JM mentioned Joey Marquez as their favorite co-stars.  

The happy reunion turned into a problem-solving session. But not all get-togethers end up fun. The first video caller said he often gets offensive remarks during reunions. Angelica’s advice is to take things with humor, or better yet, just avoid rubbing elbows with people you aren’t comfortable with.

Isn’t it exciting when an old friend suddenly reconnects years after graduation? But, what if the old bud showed up just to borrow money? Such is the dilemma of the next guest. Direk Antoinette could relate to the scenario. Turning down the request can make you feel guilty.  But there are surely other ways to be of help than putting your savings at risk.  

JM backed this up, saying the old friend must start looking for a job to save for his needs instead of relying on other people. Angelica added, “Meron tayong mentality na gusto nating maging mabuting tao o gusto nating tulungan kasi naaawa tayo. Pero kailangan nating maging praktikal… nag-iisip para  rin sa sarili natin at sa pamilya natin.”

On judging a ‘cheater’ based on his past, JM thinks there’s nothing wrong with being just cautious, but not overcritical. Angelica backed this up with, “Pwede mong bigyan ng pagkakataon pero kailangan mong maging mapagmatyag.

Direk Antoinette told the confused netizen to explore other ‘options.’ “Think yourself as a catch. Hindi siya aalis. Siya ang maghabol sa’yo. Kung merong ibang lalaking nasa paligid, entertain mo kasi baka feeling niya naghihintay ka sa kanya.”

To all those ‘marupok’ who keep on giving chances to someone unworthy just because you can’t let go of the past, take Angelica’s lecture: “Gaano kababa ‘yung tingin mo sa sarili mo? Girl, kailangan mong tingnan ‘yung worth mo… ‘Yung ginagawa mo, nakasadlak ka na. Hindi ka aparato, hindi ka bagay. Isa kang living thing. Dapat kang alagaan habambuhay, hindi ‘yung kung kailan ka lang kailangan.”

How do you forgive yourself for hurting people in the past? Angelica said acceptance is the key. JM expounded on the stages of getting hurt – pain, anger, bitterness. “Dapat alam mo din na mapupunta ka doon sa stage na forgiveness bago ka talaga makalaya sa sakit na ‘yun,” he said.

Angelica ends the episode by sharing her takeaways about regrets. “Ang past natin, hindi natin siya dapat ibalik at hindi rin natin siya maibabalik. One thing na magagawa natin sa past natin ay matuto tayo tapos ‘pag natuto tayo, huwag na nating ulitin.”

Angelica underscored that the lessons from the past must instead be used to build better versions of ourselves. We all live differently, thus we can’t judge someone based on his past or just a portion of his character.

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