• Welcome mga Kapamilya!
  • Welcome mga Kapamilya!
Angelica Panganiban and guests Paulo Avelino, JC Santos, and Zanjoe Marudo reveal their dirty little secrets!

They say that we all have skeletons in our closets. Angelica Panganiban, her Ka-TTs Kean Cipriano and Via Antonio plus their special guests come clean about theirs.

Adding their life wisdom and ‘kalokohan’ in this episode are Angelica’s Walang Hanggang Paalam co-stars Paulo Avelino, Zanjoe Marudo and JC Santos. Since they were talking about secrets, Kean admitted that he had a crush on Angge while Paulo hinted at JC being a chick magnet, tagging him as “kilabot ng teatro” and “kilabot ng stylists.”

As the next segment kicked off, more dirty little secrets were revealed from the netizens. Some are bothered about their friends’ philandering. What would you do when you know someone is being cheated on? Angelica stressed that we do not own any right to make a decision on someone’s behalf nor intrude on other people’s personal affairs. Having experienced the same dilemma, she told one of those video callers to keep on enlightening the offender. At the end of the day, all we could do is to give the guilty party a heap of sound advice. JC further talked about choosing our battles.

There was also a netizen who confessed to cheating on her OFW boyfriend. Guilty, she eventually cut the affair but not the communication. The guest leading men weighed up the factors such as distance, leading them to issues about ‘consent’ and open relationships. Meanwhile, Angelica had a different viewpoint. She said she values exclusivity and respect in a relationship. She also believes that emotional cheating hurts the most because it’s when two souls deeply connect.

Another Kapamilya troubled by love shared that she has secret feelings towards her friend. But now that her friend is already in love with someone else, she’s suddenly torn between making a confession and keeping her feelings buried.

For Angelica, cowardice is often the root of regrets. It always pays to be honest. However, telling the truth must also come with caution especially in this kind of scenario wherein someone might get hurt. JC reminded the netizen to let her own heart dictate her decision, telling her that she can take the risk and confess only if she has the courage to do so. Paulo’s advice is to never be bothered by the waiting. Meanwhile, Zanjoe’s funny love prescription was, “Isipin mo siya 3 times a day for 7 days.”

From complicated issues about love, let’s move on to friendship. What if you secretly hate someone from your squad because of her attitude? JC and Angelica had different opinions about this. He underscored that staying with people you aren’t comfortable with is a threat to your energy, space, and mental health. Just leave right away. Meanwhile, she pondered on being the bigger person, of keeping up with that one member for the sake of the group.

On an ex-model’s dilemma about receiving assaultive offers from a photographer to pose sexy, Angelica maintained that saying ‘no’ is strength. Women should learn how to say ‘no’ when they feel violated. She further advised her to take on little actions such as cutting any contact with that photographer.

Angelica’s ‘pulot’ was all about dealing with the skeletons in our closet. “Hindi masama na meron tayong mga tinatago sa pagkatao natin but we have to face it. Kailangan nating harapin kung ano ‘yung mga sikreto natin, kinakatakutan natin kasi ‘yun ang mga dark areas. I-embrace, kwento natin sa mga taong nakakaintindi,” she explained. After all, there are also lessons to be learned from these secrets and mistakes that we try to hide.