POLL: Netizens wish Ana to give up Gael, stay with Xander in Asintado

From being two belligerent women whose bickerings and one-upmanship seemed not to stop, the fire between Ana (Julia Montes) and Samantha (Shaina Magdayao) suddenly got extinguished after learning that they are long-lost sisters. 

It can be remembered that ever since Katrina got adopted by Hillary (Agot Isidro) and Salvador Del Mundo (Nonie Buencamino) and her name was altered to Samantha, she disavowed her real identity and lived a new lush life.

On the contrary, her little sister Juliana persistently chased and searched for her, which led her to meet and be under the custody of her foster dad Vicente (Lito Pimentel).

Their paths intertwined unexpectedly when they became adults when they love the same man Gael Ojeda (Paulo Avelino) and when Ana joined a vigilante group led by Celeste Ramos (Cherry Pie Picache), whose primary aim is to avenge their loved ones who got victimized by Salvador's heinous crimes.
The estranged siblings failed to recognize each other and even considered one another as their stiffest rival, until appalling revelations got unraveled in the recent episodes.

Ana and Samantha got a bit closer and are restoring the close bond they used to have when were still little. However, there's one thing that sets them apart --their unwavering affection for Gael.

Thus, we asked the netizens through a Kapamilya Poll (tvconnect.abs-cbn.com) asking their opinion regarding Ana's complicated situation -- if she should desist her feelings towards the dashing leading man in order to make amends with her sister.

POLL Netizens wish Ana to give up Gael stay with Xander in Asintado 1
Majority of them, specifically 71.20%, agreed that she has to relinquish Gael and just be with Xander (Aljur Abrenica), since he has been by her side no matter what and in every perilous missions they have encountered. Besides, it is apparent that the hunky and courageous dude has already fallen in love with her.

Meanwhile, 28.80% of the commenters disapproved to the idea, for the reason that they wanted her to fight for and not put into waste her and Gael's love for each other. Moreover, his relationship with Samantha is already over and as a big sister, she will surely understand and give way for them.

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