The World Of A Married Couple pilot week on the Kapamilya Channel draws rave reactions from viewers

Since it premiered last June 15, its Tagalog-dubbed version has already reaped rave reviews from netizens who are able to devotedly watch it every evening. While majority of them took to social media to express their sentiments about a certain episode they just had watched, some of them sent footages of their heated reactions as they watched the first few episodes, as we can see in this video.

Arguably, those who haven’t seen the series yet would say that they are overreacting or whatnot. But those who are or used to get hooked to it would definitely understand why. The first five episodes already took us to an extreme rollercoaster ride as it immediately showcased its undeniably one-of-a-kind and riveting storyline, as well as the top-notch acting prowess of its stellar cast that have been being hyped up by those who had seen it prior to its local television broadcast.

In pursuit of the truth

Viewers were definitely left to believe that lead protagonist Sandra Ji (Kim Hee-ae) has a perfect life that we are all dreaming of – a happy and healthy family, a successful career, and a comfortable life. But the unfortunate truth began to dawn on us as soon as on the first episode after she’s able to unintentionally retrieve strange items among the personal belongings of her husband Tony Lee (Park Hae-joon).

WATCH: Sandra, nagsimula na magduda kay Tony

As she became dubious that her husband might be seeing another woman, we found ourselves engrossed in following the next moves she’s going to make in pursuit of verifying her intuition – from finding the possible owner of the strand of hair she found on the scarf he gave her, suspecting that one of her amigas is Tony’s paramour, browsing through his phone, up to tailing him to his whereabouts.

Just when Sandra thought that she’s just being paranoid, Tony’s lie about frequently visiting his bedridden mom strongly supported her doubts toward him, as well as seeing more solid evidences in the succeeding scenes confirmed all her suspicions.

All suspicions confirmed

It was exactly on the birthday celebration of Tony when our heroine finally able to confirm all her suspicions and find out the painful truth – that her beloved husband is indeed having an affair with a younger woman named Denise (Han So-hee), who also attended the party. Thanks to the help as well of her patient Abby (Shim Eun-woo), whom she tapped to tail her husband. But what made it worse is that their friends are well-aware of it and were with them when they went on a recent quick out-of-town getaway.

WATCH: Sandra, nakita na magkaholding hands sina Tony at Denise

Kim Hee-ae really did a great job in conveying the pain of her character, which wives like her would feel as well once they discover that their partners are cheating on them. She made our hearts race when she held a pair of scissors behind her back as she approached Tony and suddenly pierce it on his left chest. However, it was later on revealed in the next episode that it was only her imagination.

As we expected her to make a scene just like what we saw in the other dramas we’ve seen, Sandra failed us as she kept her cool and mustered to face their guests with a smile. Even though that absolutely hurt her so much, she still chose to keep it to herself and with her “bestfriend” Judith and just went on with their normal life.

Encounter with the mistress

And just before the week ended, viewers were definitely brought to the edge of their seats when the wife and the mistress had subtly intense encounter when Denise went to the hospital where Sandra works to undergo medical check-up. Denise courageously admitted that she has a relationship with a married man and seemingly tried to trigger Sandra by saying that the wife has no idea with her husband’s affair and that he’s no longer happy with their marriage. As Sandra put her into a few medical tests, the results revealed that she’s actually pregnant.

WATCH: Denise, nagpa-check up kay Sandra

We may be on the pilot week, but the scenes on the first five episodes of The World of a Married Couple have never failed to thrill, agitate, and excite us, making us totally hooked! Thus, we really can’t blame if its avid viewers are going gaga or too absorbed about it.

Netizens’ wild reactions

Aside from these wild reaction videos from some of our audiences, here are also some of the netizens’ reactions about the show.

Catch The World of a Married Couple weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano on the Kapamilya Channel.