Robi Domingo and Donny Pangilinan talk about travel and new reality show “Aja! Aja! Tayo Sa Jeju!”

Besides the showbiz commitments, sports and workout keep Robi Domingo and Donny Pangilinan busy these days. The ‘pogi’ tandem talks about these activities and upcoming show “Aja! Aja! Tayo Sa Jeju!” in a fun catching up with DJ Jhai Ho.



This episode of Hotspot would kick off from the duo talking about their quarantine grind. Donny keeps physically active with home workouts and playing golf. Robi also makes sure to squeeze in fitness time into his busy schedule. He’s swamped with hosting gigs and is also preparing for the Pinoy Big Brother Connect Big Night on Sunday, March 14. Robi took the opportunity to clarify viewers’ questions about the announcement of Big 4 in the recent episode.

Robi and Donny join forces together with Kristel Fulgar, Shine Kuk, and SB19 in the reality travel show “Aja! Aja Tayo Sa Jeju.” They assumed it will no longer air since it was shot in October 2019 but was shelved due to circumstances.

It’s a reality-variety show featuring the hosts participating in different challenges while exploring the beautiful Jeju Island in Korea. Now that it’s finally airing, Robi and Donny think it just happened at the right time when everyone is itching to travel again.



According to Robi, the production asked him to choose a co-host he’s comfortable with and who can keep up with his antics. He made the right choice with Donny. They got more bonded in their fun ‘barkada’ trip. They also had deep unfiltered conversations since it’s a reality show. Fans have to watch out for the challenges that almost made them quit.  Donny added that it involved two of his favorites – traveling and good company. The ‘barkada’ turned into a family and they had a deeper appreciation for teamwork as well as other cultures.

Robi mentioned how they witnessed the discipline and dedication of SB19. He thanked the Kapamilya management and creative team for mounting the program. He would admit that it was exhausting and indeed a challenge but they are grateful for the work and looking forward to more collaboration. Maybe they can explore other places as well!

DJ Jhai Ho asked his guests to pick a destination and a company if given two plane tickets. Robi would most likely bring a family member or his girlfriend Maiqui Pineda to the beautiful island of Hokkaido in Japan. On the other hand, Donny would like to go Swiss with his grandma. A trip to Spain or anywhere in Europe also sounds good to him.

Asked what they miss about traveling, Donny said it’s seeing different cultures and the smell of planes, just the feeling that he’s out there exploring the world. For Robi, it’s the moment of getting lost and finding himself in the process.

For the second part of the interview, the Kapamilya heartthrobs shared a few fitness tips while demonstrating a part of their workout routine. For Robi, the goal is just to keep a slimmer physique since he’s also busier with work. He doesn’t push himself too hard as muscle stiffness might make it difficult to move around.

Robi’s go-to fitness activity is the Saitama Workout inspired by the anime One Punch Man. His regimen includes 1000 jump rope skips, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 squats. He does it with intervals. He also swears by the effects of crunches and different varieties of planks which he normally does 25 times and 4 reps each. Robi only works out for an hour a day and spends the rest of his day looking for ‘rakets,’ he quipped.  

For Donny, the goal is to tone the whole body but he changes focus every other day so as not to sore the muscles. In this video, he demoed his routine for the core using a rolling/ab wheel. He combined it with sit-ups, normal planks, side planks, and seated oblique twists. Donny works out twice to four times a week.

The interview ended in glorious hilarity as Robi and Donny dared DJ Jhai to do squats. Check out this video for the fun ‘kumustahan’ and mini workout session!