Touch Your Heart Review

They thrilled us with their unmistakable chemistry in their first-ever team-up in the phenomenal 2016 Korean drama Goblin, wherein they gained massive support from the viewers as secondary unlikely couple Grim Reaper and the mortal Sunny Kim. Now, Hallyu superstars Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na are currently making their Filipino fans kilig with the broadcast of their reunion project Touch Your Heart on ABS-CBN.

While knowing that the aforementioned actors are the headliners of this romantic-comedy series is already an enough motivation to watch it, here are some other valuable reasons its pilot week was an incredible hit among Filipino viewers:

Gripping, one-of-a-kind narrative

The story follows the journey of Korean top actress Celine Oh (Yoo In Na), whose intense pursuit of making a showbiz comeback after being involved in a grave drug scandal would compel her to work as a secretary at the Always Law Firm. This is in order to acclimatize herself to the legal world as her way of scoring the lead protagonist spot in an upcoming drama. That’s where she met ace lawyer Daryl Kwon to whom she’s assigned to closely work with.

While her presence in the office apparently thrilled everyone, it seems that her perfectionist and reticent immediate superior doesn’t feel the same way as he doesn’t seem to care if she’s famous or if she’s the “Hallyu Goddess”. He didn’t give her special treatment as he reprimanded her for arriving late on her first day, for turning up in a flashy, posh outfit, and for simply being clueless about her job.

As days went by, both of them have begun to get used with each other’s behavior, making it possible for them to slowly establish connection. Daryl also imposed to call her by her real name Sheila instead of Celine in order to hide her identity.

Celine’s naivety, silliness, and being overdramatic and sensitive, as well as Daryl’s reactions to her attitude and attempts to get used to her antics, not to mention their hilarious interactions, would definitely make this K-drama interesting and enjoyable to watch.

While their bickering are indeed fun, we also couldn’t help but get hooked with their romantic moments together that are now gradually starting to roll out. This was when they ate dinner together after work, when he saved her from a delinquent driver on the road, and when he protected her from a pervert senior lawyer who turned out to be a huge fan of her.

We have also witnessed a few heart-piercing scenes that were mostly of Celine, as we saw how she bravely battled the pain she felt by staying diligent at work despite co-workers gossiping about her, cheerful while seeing her old posters being taken down, and optimistic amidst the challenges she’s facing both at work and personally.

Unmistakable chemistry of Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na

As what we have mentioned earlier, Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na being the lead actors of this drama is absolutely enough reason to fervently watch this. We’ve already seen their admirable connection in Goblin, which made us ecstatic upon finding out that they’re reuniting for another project.

Just on the first five episodes of Touch Your Heart, our beloved on-screen couple has already got us smitten with their tandem as their characters brandish extremely polar personalities, which many of us really find cute. Their magic was still there and we really couldn’t get enough everytime we see the two of them together on-screen.

It might be another lovestory of a reticent, low-key guy falling for the popular bubbly gal, but it wouldn’t certainly be the same without Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na portraying their respective roles.

Joining the two Korean superstars onboard are seasoned Korean thespians Park Kyung-Hye as Atty. Ranni Dan, Shim Hyung-Tak as Atty. Brandon Choi, Kim Hee-Jung as Tricia Kim, Oh Jung-Se as CEO/Atty. Jimmy Yeon, Jang So-Yeon as Miss Cristy Yang, Park Ji-Hwan as Diego Lee, and Oh Eul-Sik as Dennis Kong.

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