Count Your Lucky Stars Finale Review

Throughout the 72-episode run of Count Your Lucky Stars, viewers witnessed the typical Asian drama with protagonists with exospheric wavelengths yet would eventually find that heartwarming connection that will bring them to forever.

Calvin (Jerry Yan) and Andi (Shen Yue) are such protagonists, showing how two people who are exact opposites, with their separate fortunes they assume having switched with an inadvertent kiss.

As the fashion editor finally found the heart to accept his struggling designer under his wings, their relationship drew closer. So close that when the grand finals of the Fashion Cup had a theme of love, the comebacking fashion icon had no other choice but to have someone close to his heart wear the dress he designed for his beloved mom. And she was none other than Andi.

In the finale of its Tagalized version on June 25, Andi had expressed the joy she felt having lived her dreams as a prominent designer, especially meeting the man she met 10 years prior, who motivated her to pursue a difficult career in the fashion industry. Her appearance wearing the dress that was deeply engrained in her memory was her biggest fulfillment, especially learning to love the man of her dreams for a long time.



When it was Calvin’s turn to explain his design, he said it was a design so personal and close to his heart, as it was originally a design he made for the one person who only accepted, understood and loved him, his late mother. He admitted leading a terrible life, facing the worst ordeals, making him a difficult person to deal with, as the tragedy of losing his mother to a fatal car accident affecting his outlook in life. And this made Calvin arrogant, cruel, haughty and unforgiving fashion editor and person. But despite his dreadful behavior, only one person gave him the kind of love, understanding and acceptance he had always longed for, something he merely saw in his mother. The title of his design, “Eternity”, he said, is so fitting for that person, especially since she is actually wearing it. He would then ask Andi if she wanted to be with him in eternity. And she gave him a heartfelt, overwhelming yes before they kissed now with genuine love for one another.



As the decision came announcing that Calvin had reclaimed his old glory being the Fashion Cup champion, Calvin and Andi would rejoice with Calvin’s father Lawrence (Eddie Cheung) handing over the trophy to his son. And, after years of hostility, with Calvin showing disdain at his father Lawrence for abandoning him and his late mom, they shake hands and embrace each other. 

This only made Calvin and Andi even happier and fulfilled as they further embraced and kissed, as their friends whoop it up, celebrating their victory with them on stage. 

With their relationship sealed for forever, Alexa (Li Yu Yang) regretting her evil designs and selfish ways just to win Calvin’s heart, as she quietly passed by his studio reflecting on her mistakes and still professing her love for Calvin. 

Similarly, Francis (Miles Wei) looked back at those happy times with Andi, thinking of what might have been, looking at the pendant he designed for Andi that symbolized that endearing connection they shared for quite a while, only losing her to the real man of her dreams, his half-brother Calvin. With her picture in jigsaw puzzle form still hanging by his office, Francis would keep the pendant away but still painfully close to his heart. 

And, Calvin and Andi would visit the same office rooftop where they had their inadvertent kiss that led to their changing of fortunes. They would then reassure each other of their genuine love forever. 

The finale of Count Your Lucky Stars is quite a touching and heartwarming ending about reconciliation and acceptance to the kilig Asianovela that captured our hearts in its last three months of airing. 

Director Lin Zi Ping continued that winning formula that has led to many successful Asian dramas, and applying it to this captivating story made Count Your Lucky Stars a must-watch each weeknight. The fact that Jerry Yan and Shen Yue are the lead stars contributed to its appeal, given their wonderful chemistry despite the age gap, amid the fact they represented two generations of former Meteor Garden lead stars.

Shen Yue proved her worth as a breakout actress exuding adorable charm and achieving phenomenal popularity since portraying the 2018 iteration of Meteor Garden as this generation’s Dong Shan Cai. In Count Your Lucky Stars, she delivered an exceptional and identifiable portrayal of Andi, making viewers cheer for her as she emerged from being that luckless designer to that lucky woman who reached her dreams all due to hard work and determination.

Jerry Yan remains as matinee idol maintaining that intense screen appeal and enduring star quality, even with his progressing age. His timeless fine looks has certainly been the biggest draw, especially for his loyal fans through the years since he portrayed Dao Ming Si in the original Meteor Garden in 2001. Count Your Lucky Stars defines his incredible stature as the Taiwanese heartthrob of note who never lost his touch. Hopefully fans will still see more of Jerry in future dramas, as he continues to deserve lead acting stints for years to come.

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