REVIEW: Flower Crew Dating Agency amuses viewers with delightful ‘perfect finale’

Over a hundred years before dating apps were developed and then launched, one of Koreans’ way of finding their lifetime partners was through a dating agency, just like the Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency to which the narrative of this romantic-comedy period drama revolves around.

Throughout its run, we witnessed how the agency astoundingly succeeded in accomplishing most of the cases that they handled, as well as with how its leader and best matchmaker Ma Hoon (Kim Min-jae) had found his perfect match in Gae-ttong (Gong Seung-yeon), who used to be their client Lee Soo’s (Seo Ji-hoon) prospect to be his wife.

A lot of terrible things happened that truly impacted their lives and even made their blossoming romance almost impossible to thrive, but the two proved in the end that their love is stronger and could definitely conquer everything.

And speaking of “end”, let’s talk about what happened in the finale episode of Flower Crew Dating Agency tagged as #FCDAPerfectMatchFinale.

The shocking death

The last episode commenced with First Prime Minister Ma Bong Deok (Park Ho-san) relaying the order to King Lee Soo for him to step down the thrown after he chose to tie the knot with a non-aristocrat lady. The king appeared tensed upon what he just heard, especially when Ma Hoon seconded his father’s motion, but the mood suddenly went more intense when palace guards stormed in the hall to arrest the minister who was proven to murder the king’s brother.

Bong Deok drew his sword and killed his assassin, then turned it on to himself in an attempt to have suicide because of shame. The tear-jerking moment ensued wherein his son, who unbeknown to him conspired with the king in order to execute the arrest, tried to stop him by holding the sword with his bare hands and persuading him to just surrender as a way of apologizing to him and his brother. But Bong Deok was firm and told him that the only sin he committed was to not acquire the kingship, then he slashed his throat and died on the spot.

Everyone in the hall were shocked with what they just saw, especially Ma Hoon who cried over his father.

Tales of ‘Happily ever after’

As what we have mentioned, Ma Hoon and Gaettong ended up together, instead of the latter being tied up to the blacksmith Lee Soo who eventually became the king. In spite of the tragedy that just happened to him after his father’s suicide, it was immediately replaced with happiness as Gaettong remained faithful to her promise to stay beside him no matter what. He initially asked her how could he still stay next to her when it was him who almost got her killed. But she brushed off that thought and told him that it was actually because of him why she’s still alive. They eventually got engaged.

On the other hand, the Flower Crew’s resident informant Do Joon (Byeon Woo-seok) finally mustered the courage to confess his feelings to his beloved Kang Ji-hwa (Ko Won-hee) and proposed marriage to her. She accepted it, but told him to wait until she gets to the same position that he has in the present.

Lee Soo, meanwhile, was apparently happy and content with his duty as king and refused to accept any applications from women who aspire to be his queen.

Other minor characters also had their happy endings as well, namely Kang (Jang Yoo-sang) and Ji-hwa’s maid, and the woman whose identity was assumed by Gaettong once got finally hitched to the love of her life.

The comic relief

The intensity of the action and romance of Flower Crew Dating Agency was able to be balanced out by the comic relief brought by the group’s fashionable man and beautician Go Young-soo (Park Ji-hoon), who always seemed to be in a love-hate relationship with Gaettong. Regardless of the situation they’re in, the two tend to figure in a petty argument which would be resolved afterwards.

We also couldn’t get enough of Young-soo’s droll reactions, just like on the final portion wherein they were interviewing a man, who appeared to be a European. He, Gaettong, and Ma Hoon were all befuddled by what the man was blabbering about in English, while the Do Joon was doing great in conversing with him. The man later on gave up and spoke in Filipino, much to their relief, and asked them to help him get married with the former king’s second princess.

They first refused the case at first, but when the man handed them a piece of gold, they suddenly had a change of mind and persuaded their leader Ma Hoon to accept it, to which he agreed.

The quartet of Ma Hoon, Gae-ttong, Go Young-soo, and Do Joon is definitely one of the Korean drama on-screen crews that we’ll definitely miss!