REVIEW: A simple yet endearing finale makes “Touch Your Heart” a memorable delight

Simple, light yet heartwarming, Touch Your Heart has always been an afternoon delight since it first aired, and it is all because of consistent heart-fluttering scenes that draw viewers to the romance-comedy drama. And at its core is Korea’s electrifying couple, Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na.

Their initial pair-up in the epic Goblin series have already showed their brilliant onscreen chemistry, and it was quite a natural yet wise decision for producers to come up with a show of their own. It didn’t take long before Touch Your Heart came to fruition—not as grandiose and enormous as Goblin, but understandably focusing on what really mattered—a cute and wonderful love story.

How it all started

When the beleaguered actress Celine (Yoo In-na) worked in a law firm as a condition for a showbiz comeback, she works for top attorney Daryl (Lee Dong-wook). And while their relationship started on the wrong foot, they would get to know each other better and romance started to blossom.

But when Celine does succeed on her comeback, both she and Daryl would face challenges in keeping up with their romance, most especially with the controversies and the need to keep their relationship in the dark, just not to spoil fan interest.

Staying true to their love

Despite all these, Celine and Daryl stayed to true to one another, with the latter understanding her trade and giving her his unbridled trust, and she commiserating with her boyfriend and tries to assure him time and again of her love.

The finale amplifies this with a scene wherein Celine hosts a live online broadcast before she goes overseas to shoot scenes for a drama. In the broadcast, Celine would ask viewers, with an eagle-eyed Daryl watching, a question and the one who gives a correct answer, she would personally call and talk to. When Celine asked what the plot of her upcoming drama was, Daryl was quick to the draw and typed the detailed plot on her show’s comments section. As his reward, Daryl got a call from Celine but introduced himself as “Hedgehog” to keep their relationship secret. He tells her how much he loves her girlfriend and would miss her when she leaves for another country to follow her dream, but is so happy for her. After she recognized him and Daryl couldn’t help but blurt it, they exchange “I love you’s” on the show.

As her overseas shoot wrapped up, an article would come out saying Celine and her co-star are dating. Panicked, Celine would call Daryl and not believe the news that was spreading, and will explain everything when she is back home. But as she arrives at her home, Daryl was already t nhere surprising her with a welcoming party and said he trusts her enough not to be bothered by the rumors.

Formal announcement

Celine’s drama was a hit, and it heaped praises for her as an artist. And, because of this successful comeback, Celine tells the CEO of her agency that she can do whatever she wants. When the agency hosted a thanksgiving party for the drama’s success, they would also invite partners from Daryl’s law firm since they are part of the agency’s legal team.

When Celine and Daryl pass by a store they notice dashing suits and tuxes for sale. When Celine asks Daryl if he could choose one special outfit for the occasion, Daryl first tells her he need not purchase one since he had several at home. But then, Celine reveals the reason why he should get a dashing new outfit, she would now announce that Daryl is not only a lawyer but her boyfriend.

When they show up in a lavish limousine, Celine and Daryl gorgeously emerge and walk hand in hand, amid camera flashes, as they now tell the world how much they love each other.

Excellent onscreen chemistry

Since Day 1, the drama lived up to its title with a superb showcase of Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na’s excellent onscreen chemistry.  Even if they would just stand side-by-side, the chemistry in undeniable. And this carried the show, even with its light and simple storyline, drawing so many viewers to watch.

Even the supporting cast showed the same harmony onscreen with their amusing banters and lively exchanges that made the drama always a delight to watch. They would even have their own love stories to tell, as Daryl’s associates also get engaged.

The best thing about the drama is its heartwarming story. Viewers would see it as a welcome respite from all the intense hard dramas that air during the afternoon. It showed a consistent tone throughout its run, even until the finale, and everybody enjoyed it. The plot was uncomplicated, and the characters were truly diverse and identifiable, making more people understand and appreciate it.