REVIEW: A heartwarming closure to a riveting I Have A Lover series

Nothing can be more satisfying than seeing the long, difficult journey of an erstwhile couple who saw through immense hardship and unspeakable consequences of their separation end up together and live happily together once more.

With the trail of heartbreak and scorn behind them, Aira (Kim Hyun-joo) and Marvin (Ji Jin-hee) found the love they had lost for a long while, and decided to marry again with all the loose ends settled, and issues resolved in the finale of the Philippine broadcast of I Have A Lover on March 6.

Both would enjoy their marital bliss again under one roof, with Aira even gaze at Marvin endearingly as he sleeps, recalling how he proposed once more, and wearing the wedding rings she would treasure forever.

Aira would narrate their typical day as they would continue their marriage for “another 40 years” saying how much they love each other at specific times of the day.

They would wake up, eat breakfast, even argue at one point over Aira’s wish to work for Dale (Lee Kyu-han), whom Marvin knows showed his deep liking towards her, reconcile again after they both would give in to each other. They would also spend time watching the movies with Aira’s mom, and at this time, would see Sofia (Park Han-byul) spending time with a date. Aira would meet Sofia in the ladies room, and here they exchanged pleasantries, burying a long-held hatchet. Marvin also saw Sofia at a distance, but he just let her be, without even calling her attention.

Aira and Sofia would then part ways in peace, with the latter proceeding to the theater with her date. Aira would reunite with Marvin, who is enjoying a small chat with her mom at the nearby table.

And, as they retreat to their house once more, Aira and Marvin  would still spend time together working, and by the late evening look at the heavens, pondering about their late child, whom Aira said she misses so much as she and Marvin wept.

In the morning, they would wake up frantically with Aira realizing she was late for an appointment, and Marvin having trouble getting up after enjoying his peaceful snooze. But they would emerge from their home hurriedly with Marvin well on his way to fetch Aira to her meeting. Before that, though, he would urge his wife to stop for a while and compose herself, wear the socks she forgot, and take a quick bite of an apple to at least have some food to munch before they would leave finally.

And here, Aira would declare, how they will spend the rest of their “remaining 40 years” together.

It was indeed heartwarming and pleasant, and the finale brought an endearing closure to a series that gripped us from day one, with the merciless and long-winding twists and turns. The series, until its “Gigil” finale indeed deserved the wide following it received, with the exceptional performances of the lead actors that made it a global KDrama hit.

Storytelling was impeccable and breathtaking, as we couldn’t miss a single episode on what would happen in their arduous yet fulfilling journey as a couple. Their relatable and moving story of a love lost and yet found in the end is something that we will never forget for a long time.