PAANDAR 2019: Asianovela moments that made us ‘kilig’, ‘gigil’ this year

This 2019, ABS-CBN has not only offered us remarkable teleseryes that indeed enthralled us with how they were executed so well and how their ensemble of actors portrayed their respective roles, as well as how the beautifully-written narratives have inspired and taught us valuable lessons at the same time. 

It has also brought to Philippine television a slew of well-loved Korean series that, just like our very own dramas, truly made us feel different emotions. As we’re about to welcome 2020 in a few days, let’s reminisce the scenes from the following Asianovelas that made us both kilig and gigil this year.


100 Days My Prince

KILIG: Won-Deuk and Yi-Seo’s first kiss

Yi-Seo (Nam Ji-hyun) asked his husband Won-Deuk (Do Kyung-soo) if he already remembered his memories, and added as well that she was worrying if he would leave her. After everything that Yi-Seo told him, Won-Deuk did not have anything to say. Instead, he just stared at her and just kissed her - a gesture that meant he would not leave Yi-Seo even though he remembers his memories, and most importantly, it meant that he truly loves her. One of the scenes in this K-drama that truly made us kilig!

GIGIL: Yi-Seo finally found out the truth about Won-Deuk

Yi-Seo’s father made us all gigil in this episode as he forced his daughter to continue her relationship with Won-Deuk whose personality and character that Yi-Seo has known all along, was not real. When she asked her father who Won-Deuk was, he could not even give an answer as he did not know either. When Yi-Seo was about to tell Won-Deuk about the truth, her father still tried to stop her as he thought Won-Deuk is still an intelligent and decent man even though they did not know who he really was. Insisting he was the one who saved Won-Deuk’s life, Yi-Seo’s father was even selfish when he did not want to bring Won-Deuk back anymore to his real family.


Code Name Terrius

KILIG: The thrilling first nose kiss of Bon and Irene

Bon (So Ji-sub) was saying goodbye to and was telling the two kids to always listen to their mom, Irene (Jung In-sun). When Bon was about to already leave, one of the kids called and told him that he forgot the nose kiss. After doing so to both kids, he surprisingly did it to Irene as well. Nose kisses will really just make us feel a different kind of kilig, isn’t it?

GIGIL: Louie Jin held Irene as hostage

From the title itself, you can already feel gigil about Louie Jin (Son Ho-jun) because of what he did to Irene. He had Irene’s hands and feet tied with a rope and a tape plastered on her mouth. Irene was shouting for help but no one could hear her in an empty floor of what looked like an unfinished building. It was only the two of them but Jin did not have any plans of letting her go.


Gangnam Beauty

GIGIL: Ella insulted Mikka

Ella (Jo Woo-ri) at first was telling Mikka (Im Soo-hyang) that many guys in school surely had a crush on her and being beautiful is a blessing and it comes with advantages. However, right after saying that, she attacked Mikka by telling her that some people really underwent plastic surgery since they wanted to be beautiful. She said it is unfair for people who are naturally beautiful because they are being ignored due to those who become beautiful because of plastic surgery.

KILIG: The start of Mikka and Kenzo’s relationship

Everything was there to make us feel kilig - the romantic setting complete with Mikka sitting on the bench and Kenzo (Cha Eun-woo) with her. She admitted really feeling shy for rejecting Kenzo twice. However, Kenzo told her that it was okay and that he would willingly wait for her. Mikka looked confused but Kenzo said afterwards they’re already officially in a relationship.


Hotel Del Luna

GIGIL: Man-wol got jealous to a hotel guest

Man-wol (IU) looked obviously jealous when he saw Nathan (Yeo Jin-goo) comforting the girl who was hurt because of ghost marriage. According to her, she was being forced to marry someone she does not know. Man-Wol even asked him why he didn’t just bring her to a hotel room instead of her office, and at the same time, she told the girl that she could not do it to her employee but Nathan said it was okay.

KILIG: Nathan and Man-wol’s first kiss

At first, it might have seemed that it was a plain horror part of the episode because of the ghost surrounding Nathan and Man-wol, but when the ghost was about to attack them, Man-wol just kissed Nathan who was shocked because of what just happened. That was smooth!


I Have A Lover

GIGIL: The start of Marvin and Aira’s downfall 

Despite being worried of him after he got hospitalized, Marvin (Ji Jin-hee) still had the audacity to get mad at his wife Aira (Kim Hyun-joo) after she called him “honey” and told her not to call him just anything she wanted. He even added how he regretted loving her so much and began to recall how he loved Aira every single day of his life starting from when he met her during their 20s, until they reached 30, until they had almost had a kid of their own. Furthermore, he also said how she had changed as she gave more importance to her status.

KILIG: Marvin and Aira stared at each other for 30 seconds

Aira and Marvin were inside a library, and although separated by a towering pile of books, he could not keep his eyes off of Aira. He asked her if she could spare at least 30 seconds to just figure in a staring game with him.


Touch Your Heart

GIGIL: Celine figured in a brawl with a co-star

Even us could not help but get mad when Celine’s (Yoo In-na) co-artist tried to influence Venice to leave the former and work for her instead. She also said that Celine had not been working on any project lately which also brought a bad reputation to her. Celine heard all of what her co-artist said and wasn’t able to resist her anger, thus she went straight to her and assaulted her.

KILIG: Daryl invites Celine on a date

Daryl (Lee Dong-wook) felt embarrassed towards Celine because he kept her waiting for quite a long time. That’s why in this episode, he took the chance to ask her if they could go out on a date. He admitted not knowing much about her so he searched for some of her interviews and found out that Celine likes chicken wings and hand-written invitations so that’s what he did. He gave a hand-written invitation to her and asked her to eat in a chicken wings restaurant.

What Asian dramas are we going to see next on ABS-CBN? Well, that’s for us to find out next year!