9 endearing moments Kim Shin and Erin brought us kilig in “Goblin”

We all have been delighted, thrilled and electrified by all those generous servings of kilig moments on Goblin, not to mention the Goblin Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) and Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook)’s bromantic frenemy luster.

But we are more captivated by the chemistry and endearing moments shared between Kim Shin and his adorable leading lady Erin (Kim Go-eun), whose supernatural romance really made us all aspire for such love.

Here are some of those kilig moments.

Erin tells Kim Shin, “I love you!”

Ever since she was still a child, Erin has been dreaming of setting her foot on Canada, specifically Quebec. And our dearest Goblin unintentionally granted that wish as she shockingly followed him during his secret escape to Canada. A normal person couldn’t do that so the bubbly lady was more convinced that the man infront of her is a goblin though he kept on denying it and she’s already decided to marry him. She even told him “I love you”! Define user-friendly.

Kim Shin catches maple leaf

They’re already in Quebec, so Erin didn’t let the opportunity to simply pass by not getting a maple leaf. She’s been trying hard to catch at least one of those falling maple leaves because according to her, there’s a myth that when someone’s able to snatch one, he/she will be in love to the one he/she is walking along with. However, Kim Shin already did it for her.

An accidental call

Erin has a magical way of summoning Goblin -- with just one blow of any flaming stuff, may that be intentional or accidental, and he will be immediately transported to wherever she is. How creepily romantic!

Kim Shin treats beef-lover Erin

The two just got into a petty fight, thus the brilliant way to pacify the anger of your girl is to give her what she wants. In her case, it’s eating beef. So he immediately took her to a restaurant and cooked her food. But it seemed that Kim Shin’s the one who’s not happy with it this time as she consumed all their food.

What Erin wants, she gets

No matter how stern he is, Goblin automatically heeds to any request especially when it’s from Erin. To erase her annoyance to what he just told her, he invited her to eat beef and not just in Korea, but in Quebec!

No boyfriend? Kim Shin shocks Erin

The Goblin and his bride is having a lover’s quarrel and even his frenemy Grim Reaper couldn’t do anything about it. Erin’s been snubbing him so he confronted her and they both regretted what they did in the end. She doubted his capability of being a guardian as she blamed him for all the mishaps in her life, including not having a boyfriend. Out of anger, Kim Shin blurted out that he already given her that and he’s just in front of her! Awkward…

A kiss of true love

They are already convinced that Erin’s indeed the Goblin’s bride so they went to a secluded, faraway place to try pulling off the sword thrusted in his chest. But it became intangible! Thus, she thought of doing the same thing that a princess in a fairytale did to a prince cursed to be a frog, supposing that it might be effective – a kiss of true love!

Magical date

Kim Shin always wants to impress Erin in everything he does. During one of their dates, he boasted that his supernatural powers can also maneuver a toy and goodies machine and get her a prize. But it looked like magic is not effective in arcade games and he only broke her good mood.

He’s my man

There’s nothing more kilig than Kim Shin hearing Erin call him her “mister” (or “Mister ko!”) so he got dumbfounded for a while. Since the ever deadpan Grim Reaper has telepathic ability, he heard his thoughts and rebuked him for such “cheesy” stuff.

Ultimate romantic kiss

The faint glow of the lights, the cheap drinking snacks, bitter soju, and the heartless rumble of men outside are what make their date romantic. But it wouldn’t be tagged as perfect unless they do one thing: their first ever proper kiss. And that happened without everyone in the venue noticing.

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