Reminisce the love journeys in “Goblin” through its haunting playlist

Aside from the stellar cast, well-written storyline, and cinematic production, the well-loved Korean drama “Goblin” also boasts of an official soundtrack (OST) that would make our hearts ache or go aflutter. Most of the songs from the OST are played during Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) and Erin’s (Kim Go-eun) moments, but Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook) and Sunny (Yoo In-Na) have their own share of the music too.
So plug those earphones on and hit play as we take you to the mystical love journey of our two beloved couples through these haunting tunes:

Stay with Me – Punch and Chanyeol

Just hearing a few notes of this song already gives a sudden rush to us as this signifies the beginning of a new episode being the opening theme of the drama. EXO's Chanyeol and Punch's exquisite duet and the lyrics perfectly introduces us to the wonders of both Goblin and its OST: a comely but desperate desire for love.
Who would forget the moment when Kim Shin professed his love for Erin and admitted that she’s indeed his bride, which started their romantic relationship? It was also the background song on the couple’s first attempt to pull out the sword and made a pact through a contract penned by the latter, and their unforgettable, thrilling first proper kiss.

Round and Round - Heize

If “Stay With Me” gets us giddy, this one paints a frown to our faces as this signals the end of an episode. However, there were some points in the show when it got us all kilig as we saw the dynamic duo of Goblin and Grim Reaper strut in their fabulous ensemble on their way to rescue Erin when she was kidnapped and walking down the underpass after buying ingredients for their meal.

My Eyes – 10cm

This catchy song simply describes the innocence and hesitations of first falling in love, as depicted by our beloved lead couple -- Kim Shin being loveless for over 900 years and Erin yearning to have the first and last love of her life. The simple acoustic guitar and light keyboard melody that accompany its whimsical and relatable words radiate bright and good vibes.

Hush – Lasse Lindh

The couple’s moments together never been sweeter without this song playing in the background. From the time we thought that they’re not going to make it due to Kim Shin’s cold treatment towards Erin, up to their perfect moment when they spent quality time in each other’s arms -- this playful, pop tune with a tinge of classicism performed by the Swedish singer Lasse Lindh perfectly captures their special moments.    

Beautiful – Crush

Of course, who’s not familiar with this? Among the OSTs, we hear this the most as it serves as the official theme song of the series.
With Kim Shin saying this in the beginning of its music video, “My heart was swinging dizzy pendulum from the sky to the earth. It was the first love,” we already knew that this song simply translates his thoughts and feelings about falling in love for first time and his brand new appreciation for life through Erin’s unconditional love.

Who Are You – Sam Kim

This song basically narrates the couple’s distressing fight to find love amidst the bitterness and sadness that surround their relationship, just like that scene when Erin finally remembered everything about her and Kim Shin nine years ago and she desperately wanted to see him again, screaming “I miss you, where are you?”, but he was nowhere to be found. The next thing she did: she blew the first flame she saw to summon him, and then he appeared just like old times, and both ended up kissing.

The First Snow – Jung Joon Il

The first snow is the time the two have long been waiting for. Before, Kim Shin’s curse should end prior to the falling of the first snowflake. However, as that fated night with the vicious Park Joong-heon came and his immortality concluded, he promised Erin that he would be back as the first snow every year.
Its painful lyrics clearly reflects to Goblin’s sentiments when he was away from his beloved for a very long time and even to Erin’s feeling when she had to leave him after she died in an accident.
I Will Go To You Like The First Snow – Ailee

And Kim Shin indeed kept his vow to Erin of returning like the first snow. This song perfectly suited that emotional moment when they met again after nine years – she was already a radio program producer while Kim Shin was clad in full Korean military armor. Despite the fact that memories of him were erased in her mind, Erin’s tears subconsciously rolled down her face when Kim Shin hugged her.

Wish – Urban Zakapa

“I miss you, I miss you again / Even when I close my wet eyes / I keep thinking about you / Do you feel the same way?”
This heartfelt song completely describes the emptiness the two felt when they were away from each other. Despite the number of times they tried to suppress they’re feelings and yearning for one another, their love still persists.
And I’m Here – Kim Kyung Hee

“When you feel so lonely / I’ll be here, here for you / While I still feel your breeze / Holding your hands again”. This mellow and evocative piano piece is indeed suitable for those tear-jerking and heart-wrenching moments, such as the couple’s farewell to each other after Park Joong-heon accomplished his vicious plan that certainly made a lot of the audiences cry.  

Stuck In Love – Kim Kyung Hee

Listening to this song might cause imagining yourself waltzing in the middle of a field packed with colorful flowers in a dreamy vibe. This was what Erin could have felt when Kim Shin proposed to her in a not-so-typical and straightforward way. Regardless, his sincerity while telling those words and the ambience left us all in great awe.

However, this song was also used on their final kiss before fighting against Park Joong-heon and bade goodbye to each other.  As the lyrics say, “Why do we have to be apart? And I’m wondering if you know why,” and unfortunately we know why.

Winter is Coming – Han Soo Ji

The haunting first 20 seconds of this song attests to why it stands out from all the songs in the track. The combined melody of the piano and violin matches the dreamy and soulful vocals of Han Soo Ji. This also effectively effuse all Kim Shin’s emotions and thoughts while watching Erin playfully paced towards him while he recited a poignant poem to himself.

Heaven – Roy Kim, Kim EZ

“I felt my heart opening for you / You wake up my heart / And walk to my world / I call you a miracle”
Indeed, finding the one you love feels like heaven on earth, just like what happened to our beloved couple. They used to be hopeless and loveless then, until their paths crossed. After being parted for a very long time, they were back in each other’s arms again and eventually got married!

Love – Mamamoo

 This catchy and very pop tune is really appropriate for Erin’s spirited and bubbly personality. So everytime we heard this, rest assured that she would do something admirable with her beau.

You Are So Beautiful – Eddy Kim

Of course, the Peach couple would not let their tandem be left behind in bestowing kilig vibes to the spectators. This basically sums up Grim Reaper’s obvious sentiments to Sunny as he always got stunned whenever he’s with her. The song’s upbeat melody and Eddy Kim’s whimsical voice are absolutely perfect for the strange yet lovely romance between the two.

I Miss You – Soyou

 This could be one of the songs among all Goblin’s OSTs that we didn’t want to hear as this signifies that something miserable would happen between Grim Reaper and Sunny, such as their painful breakup and by the time that the latter accidentally found out about her lover’s real and dark identity. However, Soyou’s breathy and mellow singing works makes it impossible for us not to lend our ears for some minutes. This song simply chronicles the unlikely pair’s love story – two people who are destined to love each other over and over again despite the recurrent pain.

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