6 gripping “gigil” scenes to watch on The World of a Married Couple

Viewers can’t wait to get infuriated yet satisfied with the expected gripping “gigil” scenes we are about to watch when The World of a Married Couple unfolds Monday, June 15 on the Kapamilya Channel.


6 gripping gigil scenes to watch on The World of a Married Couple 1


Many have watched it on digital streaming services previously and these rabid viewers constantly retell those scenes in casual conversations among family, friends or even colleagues online or in person as the scenes really left an indelible mark in their hearts and minds.



Here is a descriptive peek on some of the most exciting, blood-boiling, yet cathartic moments involving our lead protagonist Sandra (Kim Hee-ae), her cheating husband Tony (Park Hae-joon), and his young mistress Deniece (Han So-hee) that we will get to watch in the first few episodes of the series.


1. Sandra discovering strange items that lead to suspicions of infidelity

In the first minutes of the drama, we notice the supposedly saccharine nature of their marriage. As what teasers of the drama tell us, their marriage seemed almost perfect, but, tragically, it was not how it seemed. Sandra, who is a family doctor by profession, chances upon strange items that started a string of suspicions of her husband Tony’s unfaithfulness.


2. Sandra stumbles upon evidence to confirm her fears

She had her suspicions, and Sandra would soon stumble upon evidence that will confirm her fears, as we see in the drama’s teasers on the Kapamilya Channel. Tony indeed has a mistress. And she’s none other than Deniece, the young daughter of a couple she knows very well—the mother is a patient who frequents her clinic, while the father is a wealthy businessman-investor. What’s worse is that she felt betrayed to find out that her close common friends with Tony deliberately concealed the affair from her. 

3. Deniece would blatantly visit Sandra for a startling revelation

Sandra would then be surprised to accommodate an unexpected patient at her clinic, her husband’s mistress Deniece, and that medical checkup would leave Sandra startled and distressed.


4. Sandra gets the shock of her life on the most unlikely occasion

During the funeral of a close family member who just passed away, in this case, your own mother, you are likely to stay at a corner grieving over the loss. But not Tony. On the wake of Tony’s mother, Sandra will have the most awful and disgusting first-hand sighting of her husband in what was supposed to be sad, solemn ritual. 


5. Sandra starts to even the score

Sandra bumping into Deniece and her parents by chance is a satisfying coincidence. Knowing her parents professionally gave her an idea. Why not invite Deniece’s family for dinner and share the table with her and Tony? You can imagine the look on Deniece and Tony’s faces. Nice idea. 


6. Sandra drops the bomb

Before the turning point in the story, a pivotal development surfaced. And this turned their lives upside down. Sandra was just only too willing to spill the beans to those who needed to know about the affair. And this truly became one of the most utterly gratifying moments of the series that made viewers scream their hearts out in delight.  

There are more such scenes to watch in the highest rated drama in Korean cable history set to premiere on the Kapamilya Channel. Don’t miss The World of a Married Couple on Monday, June 15, after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano