5 reasons why you should watch The World Of A Married Couple

Just a month after its last episode was aired on a Korean cable network, the top-rating Korean drama series The World Of A Married Couple is now set to make our primetime viewing more thrilling and intense as its Filipino-dubbed version hits local television via Kapamilya Channel, beginning on June 15!

While you’re still contemplating whether to watch it or not since you’ve probably heard or read that it’s another infidelity narrative, well, we strongly suggest that you should go see it because of it’s definitely more than that and of the following reasons as well:

Fantastic storytelling

As what we’ve mentioned, this series goes beyond from being just an ordinary tale of adultery as it also delves on how marriage is not merely a union of two individuals, but how the people around them play vital roles as well in either strengthening or loosening their bond.

In this series, viewers will surely not only get infuriated with the mistress and the philandering husband, but to the people whom the wife has considered their most reliable friends, as well, as they are all going to be revealed as “accessories” to the “crime” committed.

Furthermore, it also apparently veers away from the traditional trope of such plotlines that tend to feature a plain housewife and a high-flyer husband as what happens here is otherwise. It’s the wife who is the more successful one, as Ji Sun-woo (Kim Hee-ae) is the associate director of the hospital where she works as a family medicine doctor, while it’s her aspiring filmmaker husband Lee Tae-oh (Park Hae-joon) who greatly relies on her.

Riveting, intense scenes

Since it’s a “kabitan” story, rest assured that you’re going to see a lot of nail-biting scenes and fiery clashes among the characters, especially between the wife and mistress. But unlike the usual loud shouting matches and assaulting one another, they’re able to make the confrontation scenes subtle yet powerful through the evocative emotions and piercing words they convey, pushing viewers at the edge of their seats.

5 reasons why you should watch The World Of A Married Couple 1

Aside from that, there are also going to be steamy intimate scenes, which are not seemingly typical in Korean dramas, that they’ve managed to execute flawlessly and with class. How Sun-woo (or Sandra) will investigate on Lee Tae-oh’s (or Tony) illicit affair and take revenge on them and those involved in it should be watched out for as those are definitely going to keep your eyes glued on your screens and blow your minds.

The captivating performances of the each character, realistic depiction of real-life scenarios, well-written script, and impeccable execution of each scene are the elements that make it stand out and critically acclaimed. Plus, expect a lot of plot twists ahead so you better not miss an episode!

Kim Hee-ae’s top-notch acting

You certainly heard her name a few weeks ago on the news after bagging the Best Actress trophy in the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards for her award-winning performance in the The World Of A Married Couple as the lead protagonist Ji Sun-woo.

5 reasons why you should watch The World Of A Married Couple 2

However, it was actually not the first time that she took home an award for the celebrated veteran thespian, who’s been in the industry for three decades, has actually received numerous “Best Actress” accolades and nominations from various award-giving bodies because of her notable performances in the series and movies she starred in through the years.

Apart from shedding light to the anguishes experienced by wives who are in the same plight as her and serving as an inspiration to them, she’s also a symbol of a strong, independent woman as she knows how to stand on her own and fight for what she thinks is right. Instead of lamenting or moping about her deteriorating marriage, or easily giving up on it and just letting things be, we’re going to see how she will not let her failed relationship completely taint her dignity as picks herself up and becomes of a better version of herself.

Han So-hee’s praise-worthy performance

Despite only being a rookie, fast-rising actress Han So-hee has managed to already cement herself as one of the most bankable artists of her generation due to her compelling portrayal of the vicious and unrelenting mistress Yeo Da-kyung (or Denise) in the phenomenal series.

5 reasons why you should watch The World Of A Married Couple 3

While you’ll definitely despise her for being in a relationship with a married man, a part of you might empathize for her, at the same time, for allowing herself to be in that kind of huge trouble and in the circumstances she had to face as the narrative continues to unfold. She’s one of those antagonists you’ll surely love to hate. 

The 25-year-old stunner’s stint here is absolutely different from her past television appearances, such as Reunited World (2017) that served as her debut, Money Flower (2017) wherein she got nominated for MBC Drama Awards’ “Best New Actress” category, and in the 2018 comedy-drama series 100 Days My Prince that was also aired on ABS-CBN last year.

Stellar cast ensemble

Apart from Kim Hee-ae, Park Hae-joon, and Han So-hee, you’ll surely be astounded with the impressive performances of their co-actors in this series. 

They will be joined by sought-after young actor Jeon Jin-seo, who plays their only son Lee Joon-young, seasoned thespians Park Sun-young, Kim Young-min, Chae Gook-hee, Lee Geung-young, Kim Sun-kyung, and promising actress Shim Eun-woo.

Find out how their respective characters are going to play an important role in this sensational and relatable narrative and why they’re also being talked about online just like the three main characters.
Don’t miss the premiere of The World Of A Married Couple beginning tonight, June 15, at 8:45pm on the Kapamilya Channel!