3 reasons why The World Of A Married Couple will captivate Filipinos

For the opening salvo of its weeknight programming, Kapamilya Channel will be including the critically-acclaimed melodrama-thriller series that astonishingly took Asia by storm this 2020 – The World Of A Married Couplein its primetime block beginning on June 15.


For weeks, it had been the talk of the town as netizens, or perhaps our friends, who were able to watch it on streaming platforms kept on airing their sentiments regarding the episode they just had watched, which probably left many of us wondering what really is exciting about it.


Whether or not you’re fond of infidelity-themed narratives or Korean dramas as a whole, The World Of A Married Couple, now dubbed in Filipino, will certainly get Pinoy viewers hooked with it in every episode and will make you regret missing a single episode once it starts airing next week on local TV because of these three truly enthralling reasons.


Riveting and refreshing infidelity plot

Over the past years, we Filipinos have seen a slew of series tackling adultery, may it be local or international. While it can be presumed that The World Of A Married Couple will be similar as those you’ve already binge-watched, well, you’re definitely wrong.


Based on the British series Doctor Foster, it follows the journey of Ji Sun-woo (Kim Hee-ae), a dutiful working mom who amazingly juggles her life as a revered family medicine doctor and the associate director of a hospital, and as a hands-on homemaker to her filmmaker-husband Lee Tae-oh (Park Hae-joon) and their teenage son Lee Joon-young (Jeon Jin-seo). Just when she thinks that everything in her life is perfect, that illusion begins to crumble as soon as she discovers that Tae-oh is having an extramarital affair with a younger woman named Yeo Da-kyung (Han So-hee), who is the daughter of one of her patients. Making matters worse is when she finds out that their friends, whom she trusted so much, are tolerating and even covering up his philandering acts.


However, more than just a story of a wife being betrayed by her once-beloved husband, this drama also delves on the repercussions of a couple’s strife or issues to their child/ren and on how women who decided to call it quits with their husband regardless if it’s because of the latter’s misdeeds or just her personal decision.


Top-notch story-telling

3 reasons why The World Of A Married Couple will captivate Filipinos 1

Having a totally refreshing storyline certainly requires a fantastic storytelling that will make viewers anticipate the upcoming episodes and keep a tight grip on the story. And screenwriter Joo Hyun (Revolutionary Love, 2017) and directors Mo Wan-il (Dream High 2, 2012), Kim Sung-jin, and Kang Eun-kyung (Dr. Romantic 2, 2020) all did a great job in doing so.


Those who were able to see it already were truly impressed with the impeccable pacing of its narrative and execution of its every scene, especially the steamy and intense ones, as well as with how generous they are in providing plot twists in every episode, which makes it difficult for the audiences to predict what’s coming up next. No wonder that it was able to break records week-after-week and even skyrocketed into becoming the highest-rated drama in cable TV history in South Korea!


Not to spoil you, but you better prepare yourselves to get annoyed, exhausted, and livid in every episode as it will surely take you to a totally different ride that will give you high adrenaline rush!


Compelling performance of the cast

3 reasons why The World Of A Married Couple will captivate Filipinos 2

But what makes this drama really highly-acclaimed is its stellar cast ensemble comprised of veteran and promising thespians.


Leading the pack is multi-awarded and celebrated actress Kim Hae-ae, who recently took home the Best Actress for TV trophy from the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards for her brilliant portrayal of the lead female heroine Ji Sun-woo. Unlike other betrayed wives depicted in other series, Sun-woo will be a picture of a true femme fatale as she confronts the nerve-wracking situation she’s in with utmost courage and strength.


Making her life miserable are the characters played by Park Hae-joon (as her husband Lee Tae-oh), Han So-hee (as Tae-oh’s lover Yeo Da-kyung), Park Sun-young (as their friend and neighbor Go Ye-rim), Kim Young-min (as Tae-oh’s accountant and hometown friend), Chae Gook-hee (as the close friend of the couple Sul Myung-sook), Lee Geung-young (as Da-kyung’s supportive father Yeo Byung-gyu), and Kim Sun-kyung (as Da-kyung’s devoted mom Uhm Hyo-jung).


While everyone will seem to be against Sun-woo, the character portrayed by actress Shim Eun-woo named Min Hyun-seo , will be her most trusted ally.


Sought-after young actor Jeon Ji-soo, who appeared in the Korean dramas The Heirs (2013), Cheongdam-dong Scandal (2014), Mask (2015), Legend of the Blue Sea (2016), Black (2017), and the Tale of Nokdu (2018) also plays an important role in this series as the one and only son of Sun-woo and Tae-oh – Lee Joon-young.


As The World Of The Married Couple wrapped up last month, the Kapamilya Channel is indeed thrilled to bring it to the Filipino household starting on June 15, Monday, at 9pm!