8 times Mikka and Kenzo made us ‘kilig na kilig’ in Gangnam Beauty

After two months of ‘making us kilig na kilig’ every afternoon, the Asianovela that showed us what true love really means and attested that beauty, indeed, is in the eye of the beholder – Gangnam Beauty – has signed off.

Throughout its broadcast on ABS-CBN, Kapamilya viewers were able to witness the journey of its heroine Mikka Kang (Im Soo-hyang), a college student who underwent plastic surgery in hopes of evading derisive comments about her “ugly” appearance. However, her peers still ridiculed her artificial beauty and even tagged her as “Plastic Monster”.

Fortunately, her former schoolmate-turned-beau and ultimate campus crush Kenzo Do (Cha Eun-woo) was always there to protect and rescue her from the bullies, and to profess also that he’s been in love with her ever since they were still in high school.

They might have to face a lot of hurdles on their road towards being officially on, Mikka and Kenzo were still able to conquer those and become one of the loveliest on-screen OTPs (or one true pairing) we’ve ever known! Now that Gangnam Beauty is on its final day, let’s take a look back on some of their most aegyo (or cute display of affection) moments that truly captivated us!

Love at first sight

There’s indeed nothing more thrilling than hearing your lover being more appreciative of the small things you do and your personality than of your physical appearance.

Just like when Kenzo told Mikka that what made their first chance meeting at the bus stop super memorable for him was with how she made him smile for the first time during their high school days only by simply watching her subtly move her legs as if she was dancing. He might have not seen her face then, but it was already enough for him to get smitten at her.

This confession certainly made her kilig!

The slow-mo moment

Being invited by the campus heartthrob, who’s also your crush, to go out on a date is definitely surreal. Thus, we couldn’t blame Mikka when she got stunned upon seeing Kenzo standing unperturbed from afar while waiting for her and spent a few more moments to just gaze at his handsomeness. What a great way to start your first date, wasn’t it?

Officially on

While Kenzo wooed Mikka the traditional way – by befriending her, going on dates, and doing random things for her – how their relationship got confirmed was pretty unconventional as it was the former who confirmed that they’re already “mag-on”. But don’t get him wrong for he patiently waited for her until she’s fully ready to commit since she already dumped him twice.


Afraid to be judged by other people, especially of those at their school, the new couple had found it difficult to have their PDA (or public display of affection) whenever they go out, particularly Mikka. Thus, Kenzo came up with the idea of wearing a face mask in order to conceal his face. But as she insisted that it’s her who should put it on, they later on decided that both of them would do it, which was actually not a good idea.

The admission

After a very long time of hiding their romantic affair, the couple finally had the guts to admit the real deal between them to their colleagues and superiors. Apparently, not everyone was surprised by their admission as some already knew about it just by simply observing how they interact with one another. But they were all happy for them and even told them that they’re indeed a match.

Throwback Date

Since they hadn’t had the chance to formally meet nor go on a date during their highschool days, they agreed to put on their old uniforms and pretend that they’re still in their teenage years. While this was already enough to thrill the viewers, Kenzo did something cute and said something kilig to Mikka that surely made us say, “Sana all.”

Girl Power

Throughout its run, we’ve been accustomed to Kenzo doing the rescuing for Mikka. But during their movie date, the latter did her part of protecting herself and her boyfriend from the snide comments about them that a man had uttered to himself. It might came as a shock for Kenzo, but he still affirmed her for being brave in fighting for herself.

First Kiss

Of course, who didn’t get excited upon seeing the latest episode wherein they finally had their first kiss? Just when we thought that it’s going to be a simple soju session, eyes certainly popped out and jaws dropped as he gave him a peck on the lips, which got torrid afterwards.

So what’s your most memorable kilig moment of Mikka and Kenzo?