How to heal a broken heart? ‘Encounter’ might help!

This year, not only one, but two Korean dramas are set to premiere on the Kapamilya network and one of them is the highly talked about 2018 romantic melodrama Encounter. 

Top billed by two of the most prominent and celebrated Hallyu superstars Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum, this follows the unlikely yet dreamy love story of two extremely different people who met in the picturesque country of Cuba while they were on their respective trips. The handsome and free-spirited middle-class character of Bo Gum, Marco Kim (or Kim Jin Hyuk), immediately got smitten by the beauty of the taciturn, highbrow, and affluent Pauline (Cha Soo Hyun) on the very first time that he spotted her. They spent time together roaming around Havana and had a truly romantic night that they will surely cherish forever.

Just when they thought that that fleeting encounter would be the last time they would see each other, little they did know that their return to South Korea only got them closer as Marco got hired as a new employee of the Donghwa Hotel chain in which Pauline is the CEO. Despite the huge gap in their age and societal status, this didn’t hinder them to know each other better and eventually fall in love.

Hiding their romance

Those differences were also the same reasons why they have to subtly hide their romance, not to mention the pressure inflicted by her ‘obligations’ towards her influential ex-mother-in-law, her domineering and ambitious parents, and her clingy ex-husband to whom she’s already divorced. But since she’s been under the public’s eye for being the daughter of a powerful assemblyman and a wealthy CEO of many hotel chains, as well as being formerly married to the heir (portrayed by Jang Seung Jo) of an affluent family, it has never been easy for the both of them.


The trailer suggests that Pauline tried to push him away and urge him go on with his life without her, but Marco refused to do so as he seemingly still chooses to be with her despite all odds.

Will these star-crossed lovers be able to overcome the polarizing circumstances that are hindering them to be happily and fully in love? Well, that’s for us to find out once Encounter begins to air on the ABS-CBN this August 5. But for now, let’s delve on how this K-drama would surely appeal to our dear Kapamilya viewers. This is not just because the cast is led by the handsome promising actor Park Bo Gum and the gorgeous seasoned actress Song Hye Kyo, but it also presents a narrative that many of us can surely relate and lessons in life and love that will certainly be etched in our minds and hearts.

Healing story

Going through a lot of reviews about the series posted online, many of them tagged it as a ‘healing’ story as it chronicles how a woman who has gone through a heart-breaking debacle is able to move on and be healed with the help of herself and of someone who came into her life unexpectedly. 

Uncanny similarities

The unmistakable similarity between the actress’ personal and her character’s harrowing experience is actually quite uncanny, considering that in both situations, they involved a divorce.

It’s not unbeknownst to us that Song Hye Kyo’s almost two-year marriage to her actor ex-husband Song Joong Ki ended and got divorced recently, which made headlines for weeks and broke the hearts of their fans all over the world. The same goes to Pauline Cha, whose marriage and legal separation to her husband became the talk of the town since their families are both powerful. 

Amazingly, both of them were able to hurdle the trials they’ve been through by seemingly keeping themselves occupied with work and other stuff and maintaining a positive outlook in life even though it’s reasonably impossible. Besides, the admirable CEO, in spite of being initially hesitant and afraid to the complications it would cause, also tried to open her heart to other people, particularly to Marco who she allowed to put a different spice in her lonesome life and mend her broken heart.

Apart from that, it is also through him that she’s able to find solace and redeem herself, as well, as she attempts to get away from the people around her who have been watching and controlling her actions and decisions over the course of almost her entire life. 

Defining lesson

This drama reminds us that moving on or escaping from something or someone that’s hurting us is definitely not easy, but we should bear in mind that it’s just alright to be sad or to grieve for it, but never, ever dwell on it for a long time. Plus, Song Hye Kyo’s character also motivates us to be courageous in taking the lead and to learn to trust ourselves more amidst what other may say because at the end of the day, it’s your happiness and well-being that truly matters.

Yes, Encounter is an ultimate romantic melodrama that may not pique the interest of the audiences who are more drawn in watching romantic-comedy series and suspense thrillers, but it promises to delight us with its refreshing cinematography, well-written script, impressive portrayals, and valuable morals on life and love embedded throughout this simple yet interesting narrative. 

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So you better not miss an episode of Encounter, starting Monday, August 5 on Primetime Bida.