REVIEW: An endearing, “kilig” send-off to spy thriller Code Name: Terrius

While most of the spy thriller and intense action toned down, more of the cutesy, kilig stuff took over and became a heartwarming sendoff to Code Name: Terrius, which is indeed part and parcel of the usual K-Drama fare, in its finale last Friday, November 15.

As the double-crossing and murderous NIS director Oscar Shim (Um Hyo-sup) and ring leader Charlie Yoon  (Kim Byeong-ok) are brought to justice, it was time for Von Kim (So Ji-sub) to show his charming, soft side in the finale.

We saw him in those endearing scenes with Irene’s (Jung In-sun) kids Jonah (Ok Ye-rin) and Jonie (Kim Gun-woo), as he turns into a nanny fetching them off their bus stops, playing hairdresser to Jonie and doctor to Jonah, all just for cute “nose kisses,” showing his potential as their real daddy.

Enthralling scenes

Other enthralling scenes also brought thrills as Drexter (Kim Sung-joo) would touch a recovering Rhian’s (Im Se-mi) heart after mentioning that a red leaf she saw by the hospital window was the same one that got caught in her hair when they were together previously. He said he stuck it on the window so she could regain her consciousness—a sign of better things to come in their relationship.
But there were still those tension-filled scenes when Von had pursued the merciless sniper K (Jasper Cho) who had another target in Poland. Von would turn the tables on K, and train his own sniper gun on him from another direction. And as K looks around, a laser would lay on his forehead before Von pulls the trigger and shoots him dead. 

And, what else could shock avid fans of the show even more than seeing a new coffee shop bearing the name “The Handsome Man’s Café.”  Its one and only proprietor—the sneaky former con-man, turned asset, with whom Von shares some “brotherly love” with—Louie (Son Ho-jun), whose demise from an assassin’s bullet in the previous episode broke our hearts, is very much alive!


After Louie survived that murder attempt, Von gave him what he promised—a new identity with the name “Adonis” after the most handsome Greek god to conceal his existence from enemies. But now, he would live the “boring” life of a café owner, which he would now cherish. 

Yet, nothing could make our hearts flutter even more than the last scene—a lovable, warm rendezvous atop the Namsan Tower wherein Von and Irene meet after they were “instructed” to meet there for a “mission.”  Actually, Irene had a hunch she would see Von after remembering a promise of drinking mojitos at Namsan Tower the latter made before. 

And when she opened a briefcase she brought as part of the operation, it carried more instructions from NIS director Gina Kwon (Seo Yi-sook) for their “final mission” called “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” with stark reference to the popular Hollywood film that had New York as a setting. Their mission was to fly to the Big Apple to “pretend” as a married couple.  The briefcase also bore two plane tickets, and two wedding rings that fit the “couple” perfectly. 

Real union

Von would tell Irene that this mission was “exciting” but the latter responded saying that she was “nervous.” But in the last frame, Von told “Terrius” will be behind her no matter what—a sure reference to a real union.
The finale was indeed as electrifying as it should be, with Ji-sub and In-sun showing incredible chemistry, with just a mere look would mean forever. The idea of sharing “missions” of both being sleuths and starting a family is quite an entertaining prospect, not to mention how the actors played their roles impeccably.

More so, the production was grandiosely and exceptionally brought to the fore, with impressive elements in terms of production design, visual effects, cinematography and editing work.