Gangnam Beauty delights viewers with undeniably #ABeautifulFinale

In the past two months, Korean series Gangnam Beauty has indeed served as great breather from all the intense actions and scorching scenes brought by the local series slated in the earlier timeslots of the Kapamilya Gold block. It has little to no drama and has never failed to paint a smile onto our faces and make us feel kilig na kilig as we followed the inspiring journey of heroine Mikka Kang (Im Soo-hyang) towards redeeming her self-esteem and finding true love that look past her physical appearance.

Fortunately, she was able to achieve it, primarily with the help of her former high school schoolmate Kenzo Do (Cha Eun-woo), who eventually became her closest friend and boyfriend. At the same time, she was also able to inspire other people around her, including her bully Ella Hyun (Jo Woo-ri) who even considered her as her stiffest rival for the attention and admiration of their college mates ever since they met.

While the recent episodes had been pretty intense and gripping, particularly between Mikka and Ella, the finale was indeed comparably light yet satisfying as the creators did a great job in wrapping everything up and tying up loose ends, getting the characters off to a fresh start.

New beginnings

It might already be the conclusion, but the #BeautifulFinale episode was actually the commencement of new beginnings for all the significant characters of this coming-of-age drama.

As they’re finally able to declare their relationship, Mikka and Kenzo undeniably grew more confident in doing aegyo (or cute display of affection) in public – from holding hands while walking and giving each other sweet kisses and warm embraces, up to wearing ‘couple hoodies’ despite being teased by their friends.

Meanwhile, Mikka’s former suitor Adrian Yeon (Kwak Dong-yeon) seemed to have already allowed himself to fall in love again, yet doesn’t have any idea on who would it be, as what he had confessed during his on-the-spot drinking session with his admirer and Mikka’s childhood friend Jessy Oh (Min Do-hee). 

After abandoning them a long time ago, Kenzo’s father (Don Sang-won) tried to rekindle his relationship with them to no avail. Even though he professed how much he still loves them and how he regretted committing the mistakes he did in the past, her mom, Hazel (Na Hye-sung), doesn’t want to get back together with him anymore for she has already moved on.

And the biggest transformation apparently happened to Ella, who marked the beginning of the process of her moving on by chopping off her long hair and wearing perfume, which she used to dislike. She visited him at his part-time job to mend the rifts they had and to clarify as well that she never had feelings for him.

It was also revealed that the perfume Mikka and Kenzo spotted sitting beside the former while she was asleep inside their classroom actually was a gift from Ella, which was probably her form of peace offering. 

Belief in love and marriage restored 

While he helped her realize that going under the knife isn’t the best solution to her woes and that it’s still possible for her to find love even though she’s not the prettiest girl in the room, Mikka in return taught Kenzo to be more amiable. This would also restore his faith in love and marriage after the harrowing downfall of his parents’ marriage.

He told his girlfriend as well that he would not mind proposing to her at the same exact spot they were at many years later. This happened right after they celebrated his birthday at a restaurant where Mikka surprised him a birthday blowout that she prepared.

Gangnam Beauty might be filled with various stories of young love, but it didn’t forget to teach us valuable lessons about life and love that we might have already known or just have realized while watching the series, which will definitely engraved in our hearts and minds for a long time.

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