Poll: Netizens reveal most favorite scenes in original Meteor Garden series

It's been 15 years since the phenomenal Taiwanese teen drama Meteor Garden dominated Philippine television, yet it maintained its reputation as one of the most treasured and most popular Asiannovelas in the country.

Loosely based on the Japanese shojo manga Hana Yori Dango, Meteor Garden captivated us with its refreshing and exhilarating storyline that chronicles the life of the average, strong-willed girl named Shan Cai who got ensnared with their university's elite group of four dashing, popular guys dubbed as F4.

Although it has been more or less a decade since we last saw it on TV, every scene seems to remain vivid in our memories, which is possibly caused by its multiple reshowing on ABS-CBN through the years.

Thus, before its Chinese incarnation take over our primetime viewing starting August 20, we asked netizens through a survey published on the official Facebook page of ABS-CBN about their most favorite scene in the original Meteor Garden which definitely made us nostalgic.

Dao Ming Si vs Hua Ze Lei

Most of them commented that the moment when the second lead Hua Ze Lei (Vic Zhou) and the leading man Dao Ming Si (Jerry Yan) were fighting over the girl they both love, Shan Cai (Barbie Hsu), is still the most memorable and thrilling scene of all as both of them refrained from giving up so easily.

Who would also forget the magical and astonishing scene when our beloved main loveteam accidentally kissed each other during a party held in a yacht? Not to mention that it was their first-ever smooch that affirmed our assumptions that they're indeed could be an item!

Moreover, the episode when Dao Ming Si got drenched by the rain after waiting for Shan Cai for four hours for their supposedly first date left an indelible mark in their minds as it ensued to one of their kilig moments of getting trapped in an emergency exit.

Zoo date

We still feel the same excitement we had on their date which happened in the zoo because, although it's not exactly how Ah Si wanted it to be since Shan Cai had to bring with them the boy her Mama babysits, they apparently still enjoyed it, except their argument at the end of their tour. Well, it's not really surprising. 

Of course, the moment when Ah Si caught Shan Cai and Hua Ze Lei kissing by the shore during their vacation should not be forgotten, since it sparked the showdown between the two best friends and their fans as well.

The heartbreaking scene where our main hero was badly injured and wounded due to his pursuit of saving Shan Cai from the goons who kidnapped her was also mentioned in the comment. It was not only Ah Si who did a perilous and heroic move but his lady love as well, who turned herself into a human shield just to prevent one of the baddies from hardly hitting her knight-in-shining-armor with a chair. 

Other iconic moments

These may not be included in the comments, but the iconic moments of Shan Cai running after the bus containing the amnesiac Ah Si and the F4's unforgettable and show-stopping entrance in the first episode are indeed among the top favorite parts of many of us.

With these memorable scenes, aren’t you excited see the new Meteor Garden? So don't dare miss an episode beginning August 20, weekdays before TV Patrol on Primetime Bida!