Regine Velasquez gets real about stage accidents and concert bloopers in “Waah or Wooh” Challenge

Before Regine Velasquez-Alcasid brings us to a special date night via “Freedom” digital concert, the Asia’s Songbird plays games in this edition of Kapamilya Chat.

The first challenge called “Waah and Wooh” lets Regine look back on her most unforgettable concert experiences over the years. She’d be given different scenarios and would respond with ‘Wooh’ if she had a similar experience, otherwise, she’d answer ‘Waah.’

The Asia’s Songbird owned up to losing her voice during a concert. She admittedly strained to reach the high note of a song. She had a slight wardrobe malfunction as well. But whatever happens, the show must go on. Learning her lesson, she got extra careful with her wardrobe choices, makes sure she’s comfortable.

She also had several stage accidents during concerts, “Lagi akong natatapilok sa sarili kong paa, hindi ko alam kung bakit. Naaapakan ko ‘yung hem ng gown ko, ‘yung asawa ko, lagi niyang naaapakan.” In such situations, Regine’s no-fail solution is, “Just have fun with yourself!” She said bloopers would sometimes help break the ice and create rapport with the audience, and her guest. She even slipped on the stairs during a rehearsal with Piolo Pascual for ASAP Natin ‘To.

Regine already lost count of the times she got emotional mid-performance, especially when her father was starting to get sick and until she lost him. “I don’t remember singing on stage without my father. As far as I can remember, bata pa lang ako, he was always there. Kasi kami ‘yung laging magkasama sa lahat,” shared the OPM icon. Regine added that Mang Gerry’s memories still make her emotional to this day, apart from thoughts of her son, Nate and husband Ogie.

She used to respond to bashers, “Huwag kayong magbasa ng comments nang madaling araw kasi nakaka-init ng ulo, eh. Naghahalo kasi ‘yung antok tapos may mababasa ka, so iinit ulo mo,” she said, laughing. But she’s no longer that affected and she’s learned better. After all, bashers are not worth her time and energy.

She hasn’t tried playing the lottery yet. She would search herself up on Google sometimes, but her son Nate does it more. She thinks the child is curious about her job. The Asia’s Songbird revealed she also borrows money, but on rare situations only such as when paying with cash. She mostly borrows a little amount from Nate who, at a young age, already knows the concept of ‘interest.’

Proving that she’s so humble and real, Regine owned up to taking home hotel items and food from parties.