Angeline’s vlog w/ ASAP family

ASAP Natin ‘To stars participate in Angeline Quinto’s “Deal Or Reveal” game in the latest episode of her vlog. Not only were they game for the fun ‘reveal’ but they also displayed generosity to the new mom!

In her YouTube vlog, Angeline went through the ASAP Natin ‘To dressing rooms and asked her co-artists to pick a piece of paper from a box that contains different questions that might reveal their social media and phone content. As they chose to not reveal, they had to give her fifty pesos.

The first participant was Klarisse de Guzman who didn’t think twice to divulge her last Instagram DM, which was from her makeup artist. The same goes for Sheena Belarmino, who revealed that her latest inbox message was courtesy of Lara Maigue. 

For Elha Nympha, the dare was to show her recent Google search, which is a shopping mall where she plans to buy new makeup products. Meanwhile, TV personality Darla Sauler shared that the last message on his phone is a thoughtful “Kumusta ka na?” that he sent to Kris Aquino. The Queen of All Media has yet to respond. 

Belle Mariano couldn’t show her Instagram blocklist since she hasn’t blocked any users yet, so she gave Angeline her first 50 pesos. Anji Salvacion was even happy to publicize the latest photo she liked on Instagram since it’s a snap of her idol, Kelsey Merritt. The game got hilarious when Anji asked Angeline to take on the challenge as well. The latter had to reveal her last screenshot, which was from a video of her son, Baby Sylvio, rolling over for the first time.  

Now we believe that babies bring good luck because Angeline got bigger money after Baby Sylvio’s photo reveal. She went next to Regine Velasquez who gamely took on the dare but still gave 100 dollars for Baby Sylvio. “Ibigay mo sa anak mo, ah,” she jestingly told Angeline, who was very happy to receive “panggatas” for her son. 

Four-dollar bills and a fifty-peso bill were added to Angeline’s box courtesy of Darren Espanto, who refused to spill the first photo on his camera roll. 

Robi Domingo, who called himself “makunat” or close-fisted, didn’t take the bait, flaunting instead his last Instagram DM which was from Darren. As for Jameson Blake, he disclosed his block list full of bashers. Meanwhile, Zsa Zsa Padilla’s last photo is with her makeup artist.

It was so nice of Martin Nievera to go through his over 3, 000 videos to reveal the first one, which is a video of his son. Plus, he gave Angeline 1,000 pesos for Baby Sylvio.

As generous as his wife, Ogie Alcasid also promised to give 5, 000 pesos after disclosing the last message on his phone, “Salamat, Sir,” from his driver. 

Play the video to see all the fun that happened in Angeline’s latest vlog.